40 Things To Do Instead Of Checking Your Phone

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There can be many reasons why you’re avoiding your phone. Maybe you sent a really risque text, maybe your heart is a little broken and the heart-breaker isn’t texting back, maybe you’re being ghosted, maybe you’re on a social media hiatus. Whatever the reason, just turn your phone on airplane mode, put it in a drawer somewhere, and try to forget about it. Here are 40 things that you can do instead of checking your phone:

  1. Go for a run
  2. Go to the gym or fitness class
  3. Go to a donation-based yoga class (Black Swan Yoga)
  4. Clean your apartment or house
  5. Call your mom
  6. Call your grandma/grandpa
  7. Call your best friend(s)
  8. Take a really long, hot shower
  9. Shave everything
  10. Do your laundry
  11. Clean out your closet
  12. Organize your makeup
  13. Clean your makeup brushes
  14. Clean your jewelry
  15. Clean your jewelry case/display box
  16. Read a book
  17. Go on Amazon and read reviews for a new book to read
  18. Clean out your fridge and pantry
  19. Put on a face mask (skincare one, not a clown mask)
  20. Take a bubble bath
  21. Paint your nails
  22. Watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and try to mimic
  23. Try on your favorite clothes and have a fashion show
  24. Go get your eyebrows/mustache waxed
  25. Go run all of your errands on your to-do list that you’ve been procrastinating
  26. Throw away your torn/old panties
  27. Throw away your old, holy socks or socks that don’t have a match
  28. Clean out your car
  29. Go get a car wash
  30. Go to Cars.com and research your dream car or next car that you want (use the filters)
  31. Hand-write letters to all of your BFF’s that don’t live in the area
  32. Organize your Pinterest boards and pins
  33. Check the expiration dates on all your spices and condiments and throw out the old ones
  34. Wash your couch/throw pillows
  35. Organize your email inbox and sort everything into folders
  36. Go on Amazon and fill up your “Wish List” with everything you wish you could buy or stuff that you want to buy soon/later
  37. Floss your teeth
  38. Put on a spray tan
  39. Throw away old nail polishes and other beauty products
  40. Binge watch a new TV show

Don’t stress about what’s going on (or not going on) with your phone. You have way more important things to do and all 40 of the things to do up there are beneficial to you. So you might as well put the phone down, relax, and start spending your time more wisely! Good luck my friends!


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