6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

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It’s the New Year so a lot of people have health goals, whether that be losing weight, eating healthier, toning your body, etc. And you shouldn’t have to give up those goals just because you’re going on vacation. In fact, if you have self-discipline, it should be pretty easy to stay healthy while traveling!

But I know that being on vacation, eating the cuisine, eating at the famous restaurants, all of the booze and alcohol you and your friends/family will be consuming, and so on is very distracting from keeping on track with your goals. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t eat while you’re on vacation or you can’t partake in adult beverages, because that’s not realistic. But you can choose healthier options and substitute some meals out.

#1 When you do go out to restaurants while traveling, order healthier options like grilled meat or salads. Avoid breaded food, thick pastas, and other bready meals.

#2 Substitute some meals for meal replacement shakes (like breakfast or lunch). If everyone is grilling hot dogs or bringing sandwiches to the beach/to the mountain, pack a water bottle and a blender bottle with your meal replacement shake powder inside and eat that for lunch instead. Check out my $40 meal replacement shake mix that I use here (one container lasts me several months)

#3 Bring a case of plastic water bottles with you when you go. I always forget to drink water while I’m on vacation, just trying to find a clean glass and filling it up with water (which could be dirty) just seems like a task. So I like to bring a case of water with me to keep on hand so it’s easier to remember and easier to grab some water.

#4 Bring your own healthy snacks. Especially when I’m on vacation where there is alcohol involved, I tend to get very snacky and will just eat whatever is in front of me. So bringing healthy snacks and keeping them around all the time is way healthier than grabbing potato chips or candy or whatever is handy. I like these protein bite snacks and these chili lime roasted soy nuts!!

#5 Drink “healthier” alcoholic drinks. I drink Michelob Ultra during the day or if we’re playing drinking games (my family are beer drinkers). And I drink “vodka soda with lime” if I go to a bar-type place because it’s just vodka (very low calorie) and “soda” which is just carbonated water (aka no calories) and lime!

#6 Take metabolism booster and appetite control supplements. I drink this herbal tea concentrate metabolism booster that helps me burn off the food I’m eating faster (so I don’t gain weight). And I drink/eat Prolessa Duo which is an appetite suppressant AND a fat burner, so I don’t get snacky or cravings while it also burns fat!

If losing weight and reaching your health and fitness goals is important to you, then use these 6 tips to stay healthy and on-track while you travel and don’t set yourself and your goals back. Enjoy your vacation and enjoy your life, but just be sure to prepare beforehand so you won’t get off track with your fitness goals!


2 thoughts on “6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

  1. Great tips! If you’re travelling to the Caribbean or somewhere else tropical, trying out some new “exotic” fruits as snacks is a great way to stay healthy too. Mangoes, naseberries, pomegranates, guavas, otaheite apples, etc. Also, coconut water and jelly straight from the coconut is a light, delicious & very nutritious meal.

    1. Awesome!! I’ve never even heard of some of those fruits! haha I’ll definitely check those out!

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