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Amazon has some hella dupes, y’all! I’m not one of those bloggers you see who has a new Chanel or Celine or Gucci bag every day. I’ve got a car payment and student loan debt and my own bills to pay with my own money. I’m what you call, “ballin’ on a budget”. Therefore, I have to rely on sales or birthday/Christmas presents or dupes in order to get that luxury look. And let me tell ya, the Amazon dupes are where it’s at!

Everyone has seen the oh-so-popular Gucci belt and you could pretty much throw a rock and hit someone that owns one. But they’re $450?!?! I won’t spend $450 on a car payment, I’m definitely not spending that much on a belt… So, I took to Amazon and sure enough, they have an AWESOME gucci belt dupe for only $27!! The first time I wore the belt, I was going to a party and my friends immediately saw the belt and asked, “oh my god is that real?!”. Nah, but it looks pretty real doesn’t it? The belt buckle isn’t a “CG” or anything fake-looking either. It honestly looks almost identical to the real thing except that the gold is shinier. Find the belt here

I also fell into a rabbit hole of Amazon dupes and came across this Cartier Love ring dupe for $12.99! It’s perfect quality and won’t tarnish or turn your finger green. It even says Cartier inside of the ring!!! Literally no one would  notice that it’s a dupe unless I tell them. The real Cartier Love Rings are $1,650… So I’d say that’s a damn good dupe! Mine is the thicker 6mm Gold ring, you can shop it here!

I’ve also bought a few different pairs of these Valentino dupes off of Amazon. The brand is Kaitlyn Pan and they are one of the best dupes I’ve seen plus they are super affordable. They run between $80 and $120 and they’re absolutely fabulous. I have a pair of flats and two pairs of strappy heels. I wear them to work a lot since they’re closed-toe yet the studs give them that pop of style and fierceness! Find them here.

Also on my Amazon dupe list is:

This Hermes throw dupe ($58 instead of $1,525)

And this Gucci Broadway mini shoulder bag dupe ($30 instead of $3,000+)

Aaaand this Celine look-alike – only difference is that it doesn’t say “Celine” on it ($149 instead of $3,100)

Don’t get me wrong, I hope to be able to afford the real thing some day. But I’m just poor right now and I don’t want to be held back by my financial situation. So, like I said, I’m a big fan of the dupes. Especially, ones that I can find on Amazon that are trustworthy, fulfilled BY Amazon and not a sketchy website, free returns if it does look too “dupey”, and show reviews so you can see what other people have to say after they bought it. The risk level is very small, but with the free returns, there’s not even really a risk at all… I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more designer dupes on my blog and I’ll be sure to link them all for you because you deserve the luxury look but for less so you can spend your hard earned money on more important things like groceries and getting out of debt! 😉

Happy dupe hunting my friends!

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