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Happy Prime Day everyone! Amazon Prime Day is taking place today and tomorrow with some incredible deals. Some deals will last both today and tomorrow and some will be “lightning” deals that only last for a few hours. I wanted to make and share an Amazon Prime Day guide to help navigate you through the sale and point out some of my own Amazon favorites and what’s on my radar. 

This Amazon Prime Day sale is such a good time to bite the bullet and buy the things you really need, but otherwise would just put on the back burner. For instance, I would much rather buy a cute pair of shoes instead of buying throw pillow inserts. But I actually need the pillow inserts… See the struggle? So Amazon Prime Day is the chance to buy all of those back burner items that you need but don’t want to actually spend money on. Like socks, panties, lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, office supplies, throw pillow inserts…

But on the other hand, it’s also a great time to buy the frivolous things that you want but can’t justify spending money on. Because now it’s on sale, so it’s okay right?! 😉 Like some new throw pillows to re-decorate your guest bedroom that is only used once or twice a year. Or to completely change up your work wardrobe and buy a million new tops to wear to work. I’ve definitely done both of those recently with Amazon, and I ain’t mad at it! 

This is also a huge time to stock up on your gift closet. Birthdays, Christmas, housewarming parties, hostess gifts, white elephant gift exchanges, etc. This is always when I like to stock up my gift closet so I can just grab something and head out to a party. I’m a bit of a procrastinator, so this sale is perfect for me! 

Before going into the Amazon Prime Day sale, it’s important to jot down a list of items that you need as your own sort of Amazon Prime Day guide, whether it’s for the house, for the office, for your closet, for organizational purposes, or just things that you have run out of or are about to run out of. Think of rooms or areas in your house that you still need to decorate: backyard patio, front porch, laundry room, guest bedroom, etc. Think of your home shopping list: lightbulbs, spices and baking ingredients, essential oils, bandaids, first aid kit supplies, sticky notes, etc. And think about your closet/wardrobe: plain t-shirts, new work shoes, socks, underwear, tank tops, under shirts, etc. Now is your time to get all of this stuff checked off of your list! Here’s my Amazon Prime Day guide and some things that I need or needed for the house and took advantage of Prime Day to get:

For the hair and skin: 

BabylissPRO 1.5 inch Curling Iron – on sale for $39.99 – I bought mine for $50 a few weeks ago so this deal is pretty good! I had been needing to get a curling iron (with a clamp), because I have always used a curling wand but decided I needed to join the real beauty world and get a clamp curling iron, haha! I love it so far and this is the one a lot of beauty bloggers use! 

Under-Eye Collagen Eye Mask Patches (12 pack) – on sale for $6.39 – if you suffer from dark under-eye circles or puffiness, you should definitely try collagen patches! They make you look refreshed and like you just got 10 hours of blissful sleep. Plus the collagen will help reduce the appearance of fine lines! 

Pure Biology Total Eye Cream – on sale for $23.56 – this eye cream has 814 reviews and 77% of the reviews are 5-star. So that’s a REALLY good ratio! This product helps fight fine lines and wrinkles while also reducing the appearance of current ones. And it helps with puffiness, dark circles, and under-eye bags. Definitely trying this product out!! 

For the home:

Soft, Gray Throw Pillows (set of 2) – on sale for $10.38 – these are the softest pillows ever and they look so luxurious and chic! These are just the covers so you’ll have to have pillow inserts, but luckily those are also included in the Amazon Prime Day sale! 

4 Pack of 18×18 Throw Pillow Inserts – on sale for $24.48 – I just bought all new boho/modern throw pillow covers for the house and needed new pillow inserts to go inside. Good ‘ol Amazon came to the rescue with some on sale! 

Essential Oils & Diffuser – on sale for $27.95 – this deal includes the diffuser itself, and TEN essential oils!!! I’ve been doing a lot of research on essential oils lately and was waiting for Prime Day to purchase the supplies. 

8-Piece Kitchen Cookware Set – on sale for $39.99 – omg y’all! I was so excited when I saw this. We have like three pots at home and they are usually dirty so I’ve been on the hunt for affordable cooking pots lately. Kitchen pots are one of those boring purchases that I need to make, but always put it off for later because I would rather buy something else. But now is the time, I’m going to finally buy some! 

For the closet:

White V-Neck Staple T-shirt – on sale for $12.74 – simple t-shirts are such a good staple for any wardrobe. Under cardigans in the winter, under blazers at the office, with denim shorts to run errands, or with ripped jeans and heels for a causal, sexy date night look. 

Blue and White Striped Button Midi Dress – on sale for $18.69 – I actually have this dress and I LOVE it! I wear it with my fedora to brunch or with my hair in a top knot to go run errands while feeling fabulous. Such a great dress and it’s on sale!! 

Fedora – regular price of $16.45 – this hat isn’t actually included in the Prime Day sale, but I always get so many questions about this hat, I figured I would link it here in case anyone was trying to find it! I just love it so much, haha! 

For the office:

Marble Laptop Cover – on sale for $12.23 – I bought this a few weeks ago and just saw that it is included in the Prime Day sale today! I really like my laptop case so far. It has the phelt stickers on the bottom so the laptop doesn’t slam down and the cover is nice and durable. 

HP DeskJet 2622 Compact Printer – on sale for $19.99 – my boyfriend actually made this purchase earlier this morning. We were always running back and forth to FedEx to print stuff and I guess he finally had enough, haha! 

For the gift closet: 

Fire TV Stick – on sale for $14.99 – this past Christmas, I got these Fire TV sticks for everyone in my family (and I jail-broke them so they could all watch movies for free) and it was the biggest hit! I still randomly get text messages saying how awesome the Fire TV stick gifts were and how everyone uses them almost every day! Definitely a great birthday or Christmas gift! 

Candle Gift Set (set of 4) – on sale for $11.51 – if anyone is ever thinking about getting me a gift, just know that I absolutely love candles! I don’t think it’s possible to ever have too many candles. So, that’s why I’m always gifting candles to a hostess, for a housewarming gift, as a Christmas present to a friend or relative, etc. 

I hope this Amazon Prime Day guide was helpful! Remember, some deals last two days and other deals will be “lightning” deals and will only last for a few hours or until the product is sold out. So keep your eye out for items and products that you want/need over the next two days and grab them while you can!

Happy shopping everyone!


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