Best Valentino Dupes

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Aren’t Valentino’s beautiful?! And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend $1,000+ on a pair of shoes?! #Goals! As a single, 26 year old, living off of my own 9-5 office job paycheck, spending more than $200 on a pair of shoes will keep me awake at night, but over $1,000…… Dream big Kelsie. So, I searched the internet for the best Valentino dupes so I can enjoy the studded beauty, but also not lose any sleep over the price!

Let me introduce you to Kaitlyn Pan. These are by far the best Valentino dupes for the best price! They range from about $50-$120. They come in patent leather and matte. And they come in about every color imaginable. And the best part is, they’re off Amazon so you know you’re not getting scammed and you can easily return them if you’re not in love. So if you’re just looking for a nice work pump, these are great and the studs give them that little something extra. Or if you want to look like a bad b*tch who can afford Valentino shoes (but actually haven’t made it there yet), these are a great dupe for you!

PSA: they do run a half-size small. So if you’re a 7, order the 7.5!

Here are the Kaitlyn Pans that I have on my Wish List:


The pairs that I already do have are fabulous. They have held up really well. I wear the red pair every Valentines day and on date nights with a simple black or white outfit or with my boyfriend jeans for added flare. And I wear the black pointed-toe flats to work on the fall/winter days when I don’t feel like wearing heels!  

Details (from top to bottom) : Black+Nude  |  Black+Black  |  White  |  Nude  |  Leopard Black+Nude Pump  |  Nude Pump  |  Brown Heeled Sandal  |  Nude Flat Sandal  |  My Black Flats  |  My Red Heels 

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