Brazilian Wax Review: is it worth it?

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Hi y’all! So…. I tried Brazilian waxing. Let me start by saying that I get my eyebrows waxed on the reg and occasionally my upper lip as well. Let me also start by saying that I am a very hairy human. And I mean really hairy. When I was a child, my mom and her friends would make fun of me because I had “hairy little werewolf legs”. Rude.

I have recently been going through an invest-in-myself phase, trying all of these new beauty processes and routines. A main focus of mine was body hair removal, of course, since I spend so much of my time shaving or tweezing. So, I bought a Groupon for laser hair removal (I’ll get into that later) and I made an appointment to get a Brazilian wax.

Let me begin this review by addressing some of the main questions regarding to bikini/Brazilian waxing:

  1. It did not hurt me as bad as people lead on. I did not scream or jump or get teary eyed. It was like repeatedly ripping off a thick Bandaid. Some parts were painful but I continually held a conversation with my beautician. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance? I don’t know. But it really didn’t hurt that bad… Chug some wine when you get there if you’re nervous!
  2. It wasn’t super awkward or uncomfortable to have someone working… down there. Yes, you have to remove all of your clothing below the waist and lay on the table with your legs in a butterfly pose – vagina out and about – but imagine how many vaginas that beautician sees every day, every week, every month. They are used to it and they are professionals. Again, chug some wine and relax!
  3. The hair does grow back thinner and it grows back a lot slower. I would get a wax about once a month and the stubble wouldn’t start to appear until about 1-2 weeks after the wax but by the time my appointment was coming up I was a hairy monster.

Now for my review:

I personally would NOT recommend getting a Brazilian wax UNLESS 1.) you are 100% planning on keeping up with it forever, and 2.) you don’t have as much hair as I do… I know, I know, the myth-busters above would lead you to think that I would recommend getting waxed, but unfortunately no. Plus it’s about $60 a month…

My reasoning:

Reason #1: Life happens. My family planned an unexpected beach trip a week before I was due to get a wax. Sooooo I showed up to the beach with almost a full bush and it stuck out of my bikini. I was mortified and just ended up shaving and cancelling my wax appointment. You could plan your waxing schedule around your events if you’re super organized and on top of everything, but I am just not and my hair was getting in the way of my life.

Reason #2: Painful ingrown hairs…. Omg. I never got ingrown hairs before waxing!! And now, 4 months after my last wax, I still get the most painful, massive, pus-filled ingrown hairs. They are disgusting and extremely painful and I wish I had never gotten waxed to begin with had I known this would be the outcome… How am I battling these painful ingrown hairs? I have to exfoliate my crotch area, shave, then once out of the shower I use Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution. The Tend Skin Solution really works wonders and for a good price but I would much rather not have ingrown hairs at all, ya know….

Reason #3: Letting your pubic hair grow out between waxes is uncomfortable and itchy. I don’t think I need to go into anymore detail there…

So let’s compare the pros and cons of waxing your nether regions:

  • Pros: hair was thinner, didn’t have to shave every day
  • Cons: painful ingrown hairs (STILL), wild bush in between waxes, itchy long pubes in between waxes


I would much rather shave every day/every other day than have to deal with a few weeks of having a bush plus I can control my shaving schedule in case I have an event or surprise trip pop up.

So in the end, if you’re one of those lucky ones who doesn’t really have a lot of hair down there and wouldn’t grow a full bush between waxes, or you are super organized and patient and can schedule your waxes perfectly with your life plans, then you can consider bikini/Brazilian waxing. But if you’re like me – very hairy, not very patient, grows a full 70s bush after a week or so of not shaving – then I would highly recommend NOT waxing….

I’m sorry if this post really let anyone down and left you feeling discouraged, but to me it is just not worth it and I don’t think I could sleep at night knowing that other women out there are trying waxing and having to live with the results that I got without any warning!



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