How Should You Spend Your Tax Return Money?

I just got my tax return back earlier this week and so many thoughts crossed my mind about what I could do with it. But then I remembered that I’m trying to be a responsible adult and should really think about my options and the smart thing to do with the money. And I know […]

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Budgeting for Beginners

Part of living luxuriously for less is budgeting and saving your money for the important things. I’m a single, 26 year old living off of my 9-5 income. I don’t have rich parents giving me money or paying my bills for me, I don’t have a huge savings account, I don’t have a husband or […]

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Grocery Store Budgeting Hacks

Ugh! Who else goes to the grocery store with a list, expecting to spend a certain amount, but then comes out with twice as much stuff and spent triple what you were expecting to?! I always always always make a list of what I need at the grocery store, but then when I get there […]

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