TULA Skincare Products

Hello, hello! I first bought Tula skincare products almost two years ago. As a beauty blogger, I consider myself a human guinea pig so I went all out and bought a ton of Tula products. You can see everything I originally bought on this post. I mean go big or go home right?  Let me […]

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The Probiotic That Changed My Life

I’ve been really into wellness lately. As if you couldn’t tell. I actually bought a (pink) tea kettle so I can brew this Mango Green Tea that the Kardashians drink, I’ve been doing morning meditation with the Insight Timer app, reading The Daily Stoic every morning, drinking lots of water with lemon, and I bought […]

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Recent Purchases Round Two

Sharing my most recent purchases! A beautiful maxi dress for summer, a crop top for Memorial Day, Valentino flip flop DUPES, a romper, sexy tanks, & more #fashion #springfashion #summerfashion #memorialdayoutfit #pinklilystyle #oohlaluxe

Hello, hello! Last week I posted about some recent purchases that I had made, and well, I’m back to tell you about some more recent purchases that I have made since last Friday! My bank account has been a very busy girl lately! But I’m super excited about everything so I had to share my […]

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Sephora Spring Sale Haul Review

Sephora Spring Sale review - sharing what I liked and didn't like from the recent Sephora Spring Sale haul #makeup #beauty #beautyproducts #sephora #makeupreview

Alright, it’s about that time! Two weeks ago, Sephora had their Spring Insider Sale Event and if you read this post, you will see that I bought a lot of products during the sale! Most products were new, first-time tries for me so I wanted to go ahead and write a Sephora Spring Sale haul […]

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Life Goal: Live on a Sailboat + My Como Charm Necklace

I'm talking about my goal in life to live on a sailboat and travel around the world full time and my new Wanderlust + Co Como Charm gold necklace #travel #sailing #jewelry #style #fashion #gold #WCOgirlgang

Hi friends! Today I wanted to talk about a huge goal of mine: to live on a sailboat and travel around the world. This is actually a new-ish life goal of mine, though. My boyfriend has been wanting to sell everything, quit his job, and move onto a sailboat and sail around the world for […]

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Book Recommendations

Someone asked me the other day for a list of book recommendations because, not to toot my own horn or anything, but apparently I have good taste in books. I did graduate college with a degree in English, so I did spend four years of my life reading and studying the greatest books written throughout […]

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I Tried Freshly Meals for a Week

Once upon a time, I tried meal prepping to 1.) eat healthier, and 2.) save money by avoiding eating at restaurants. It really worked for me when I was in college because I was so poor and hungry, but now that I’m out of college and I can afford to eat, I just don’t really […]

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Function of Beauty Review

So let’s talk hair! I’ve been using Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks now and I want to share what I think about it. If you couldn’t already tell, my hair is very important to me. I never cut my hair, I only use heat-styling tools on the weekends to avoid […]

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VICI Try On Haul

VICI clothing try on haul! Check out the other items I got + fitting info & how to style them! #fashion #style #styleguide

I always see so many bloggers I follow wearing VICI clothing and it always looks so cute and trendy on them, so I wanted to give it a try! I’m not your typical, tall, skinny-legged blogger babe. I’m short and I have thick, stubby legs so I wasn’t sure if these clothes would be as […]

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Eyelash Extensions

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I finally cracked and decided to try out eyelash extensions again. I love the super dramatic eyelashes look. All growing up doing competitive cheerleading, we had to wear the false eyelashes for competitions and I have always caked on layers upon layers of mascara to make my eyelashes look like […]

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