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Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I finally cracked and decided to try out eyelash extensions again. I love the super dramatic eyelashes look. All growing up doing competitive cheerleading, we had to wear the false eyelashes for competitions and I have always caked on layers upon layers of mascara to make my eyelashes look like falsies. I also have been wearing false eyelashes on the reg recently but those kind of take a while to apply and they don’t always end up perfect. So I decided to give eyelash extensions another chance and I am super obsessed with the results this time!

A few years ago when eyelash extensions were first gaining popularity, I found a Groupon for a full set of eyelash extensions plus the first refill for like $70 or something. So I went to this super sketchy part of town and had this girl apply them. They. Looked. Horrible. OMG I absolutely hated them. It’s like she only stuck on four extensions per eye and it didn’t look good at all. I wanted the dramatic, long, thick eyelashes that would created a wind storm if I blink hard enough. If I’m going to spend money of eyelash extensions, I want my money’s worth. I want them to be astonishing and look like they cost me money.

I ended up having to wear mascara over the eyelash extensions the first time I got them done because they didn’t make a difference to my eyelashes at all. I already have decently long eyelashes to begin with so maybe the girl was just trying to make them a little longer in areas and keep them looking “natural”, but I did not want “natural”. And then I ended up taking them all off myself because they hurt so bad. They would start to fall off and they would yank on my actual eyelashes so it would constantly hurt!

I just ended up taking them off with olive oil one night after I couldn’t stand them anymore. And then once they were off, I noticed that they had severely shortened my real eyelashes. They were basically half the length than before I got them done… I was so upset. But I bought the NeuLash lash-growing serum and they grew back to their regular length after about two months. So you can imagine how hesitant I have been to try out the false eyelashes again!

That was about 3 years ago so I figured that the techniques have been perfected by now and I keep seeing more and more people with eyelash extensions so I figured it was time to give it another try. And boy am I glad that I did! I am so incredibly happy with how they turned out.

I went to Amazing Lash Studio on Highway 6 in Houston. I was skeptical at first because Amazing Lash Studio is a chain so I was worried that it was going to be a bunch of high schoolers on their part-time weekend jobs (like at most tanning salons). But my experience was great and my aesthetician was phenomenal. I showed her some pictures of what I wanted and I brought in the false eyelashes that I have been wearing so she could get a good idea of exactly what look I am going for. And she absolutely nailed it.

And since ALS is a chain, my first full set was only $80. At some other non-chain salons I was looking at, the starting full set price was between $150 and $250, which was way out of my budget. So for the price and the incredible results, I am still absolutely amazed!

So, if you are looking to enhance your lashes and save time getting ready in the morning, I would definitely suggest getting eyelash extensions! I cut my getting ready time in half by getting eyelash extensions. And honestly, I don’t even really need makeup at all anymore because my eyelashes were my main reason for wearing makeup in the first place. Without mascara I look like a 12 year old boy, but with the eyelash extensions I can wake up in the morning still looking fire. And Amazing Lash Studio was really inexpensive so I would also check them out as well!


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