Eyelash Pullover Under $10

Eyelash pullover under $10 - Beauty and the Bustle #fashion #style
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Happy Friday!! I recently got a lot of questions about my white eyelash pullover, and in honor of my new eyelash extensions, I have decided to dedicate an entire blog post about this pullover!

I wear this pullover a lot to work on Friday’s because it’s super comfy, it’s super warm, it’s not see-through, and it’s super cute. I honestly cannot remember where I got mine from, but after some extensive research, I have finally found the most similar and best quality eyelash pullover look-a-like! And, surprise surprise, it’s from Amazon. That good ol’ Amazon Prime two-day shipping and free returns coming in clutch again!

Eyelash pullover under $10 - Beauty and the Bustle #fashion #style

I found this eyelash pullover that is the most similar to mine, but this one has hearts on the elbow (much cuter than mine!) and it is only $9.95!!! Here is the link to check it out.

Eyelash t-shirt under $11 - Beauty and the Bustle #fashion #style

I also found this eyelash t-shirt that would be perfect for spring and summer, tucked into some denim shorts! And it’s only $10.99!! Here is the link to check out the t-shirt.

I love this pullover a lot and find myself wearing it quite often when I’m feeling lazy but still want to look presentable. I hope that you love it, too!


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