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Hi friends! How many of you have been researching and planning vacations all throughout quarantine? Or is that just me… Let’s just say I have a huge list of travel destinations planned out and ready for when the quarantine is fully lifted and travel is acceptable again. That’s why I wanted to talk about my favorite travel backpacks today on the blog. 

When we went to Belize (literally right as the pandemic was hitting America and travel was becoming frowned upon), everyone was traveling with the big travel backpacks, including my boyfriend. I was over here with my cute little rolling suitcase thinking I was being all trendy and “fashion travel blogger”. No. I looked ridiculous. Small countries like Belize, especially the island of Caye Caulker, don’t have paved roads. So I was dragging my rolling suitcase down a dirt road and looked like an idiot. 

So I decided right then and there that I was getting a travel backpack, like the hiking, “back-packing-across-Europe” backpacks so I wouldn’t have to make a fool out of myself. Obviously, the “glamorous” trips like to Nashville, New York, California, Vegas, France, Greece, etc. I’ll use the rolling suitcase, but the more adventurous, we’re going to multiple different places and not staying in resorts or hotels vacations, I will be bringing a travel backpack. 

So let’s talk about my favorite travel backpacks. That’s right, I said backpacks. Like multiple. If you are an adventurer, multiple destinations traveller, the big hiking, travel backpacks are your best friend. I actually found an amazing hiking backpack at Academy. I tried on a few different ones and this one felt the best on my back. Plus it was like Mary Poppins’ magic bag, it could fit SO much stuff in it. 

My favorite hiking travel backpack is the Magellan Outdoors 55L Technical Frame Pack. It’s a cute color scheme, it has pockets and compartments out the wazoo, it has cushions so it doesn’t feel heavy and uncomfortable, and it’s only $89! Like, some of the backpacks I was researching cost upwards of $400… So this one was a steal for the quality! Plus if you’re packing “light” enough, you can bring this backpack on the plane as your carry-on. 

Next on my favorite travel backpacks list is the medium sized MUZMM backpack. I’ve had this one for a few years now. I usually use it as a carry-on, or when I’m camping, or I’ll bring it to the beach as my beach bag. Even though it’s “medium sized”, it still fits quite a bit. It’s perfect for overnight stays or weekend trips. You can use the code “BBTRAVEL20” for 20% off. 

And of course, everyone needs a small backpack to travel. Whether it’s going to and from the beach or going on a walk around the city you’re traveling to, the small (regular school-sized) backpacks are where it’s at. I found this cute pink one off of Amazon right before our Belize trip and we used it every day walking/riding bikes around the island. 

I love this backpack because it folds up into the inside pocket so it’s smaller than a folded up t-shirt. Plus it’s annoying to walk around or ride a bike while carrying a purse with your beach towels, books to read on the beach, sunscreen, snorkel gear, wallets, phones, etc. That sh*t get’s heavy, so it’s easier to just carry it on your back. This backpack is called Zomake Ultra Lightweight Small Water Resistant Travel Hiking Daypack and it’s only $16 on Amazon. What a name right? 

And of course, you can’t forget your backpack organization accessories. Shop my favorites below!


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