February Must-Haves

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Happy first day of March friends! I want to make it a common thing to post my monthly must-haves, favorite products I’m currently using, what’s on my wish list, etc. I know it’s not February anymore, but that just means I’ve had a full month to curate my favorite February must-haves, right? Let’s get started! 

I have been living in these super affordable shackets from SHEIN all month long. No, I haven’t washed them either. They are both very comfortable and great for wearing them around the house while WFH or to the grocery store or running errands. 

Can’t live without the Aquaphor Lip Repair right now. I have a few of them and keep them around the house, in my purse, and in my car. I have the worst chapped lips, especially in the winter, so this has been a huge life saver and only $2 on Amazon! 

Blue light glasses! Bryan recently went to the doctor for an eye strain and the doc recommended some blue light glasses since we look at computer screens, tv screens, and phone screens all day long. These have been a huge help! 

These Amazon leggings are the perfect Lululemon dupe and only $16! All I wear lately is leggings so I needed to stock up and these ones from Amazon are perfect. Buttery texture, loose in all the right places and tight in all the right places, if you know what I mean, and they’re warm but still breathable for working out. And they come in a few different colors! 

Jumbo St. Tropez Express Self Tanning Mousse is SAVING me lately. It has been way too cold to go outside so if I am not using this self tanner I look like a sick Victorian child. I leave it on for 3 hours (sometimes longer) and I usually apply two coats. So I put the first layer on and then wait 30 minutes for it to dry and then I apply a second layer on top. I like looking really tan though! 

I’ve been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear this month and it is wonderful. Really SO good! If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, blogger, influencer, human, anyone really this book is for YOU. It talks about ways to be productive and build up your habits to build a better life. Lots of really good tips and tricks in here. Even if you’re just trying to get into a healthy workout habit routine every day or if you’re starting a business and need to be super productive this book applies to everything, big or small. 

My essential oils have really been doing the most to keep my wellness levels up there at the top. I love diffusing them for sleep, allergies, energy and motivation, plus the roller blends for headaches, immunity, calm, and so many more. I’ll share a post about essential oils soon!

So that is it for my February Must-Haves! Short, sweet and to the point. I’ll be back in March with a new list of must-haves so stay tuned!


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