Fine-Knit Black Sweater Style Guide

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Good morning friends! I’m here to talk about my absolute favorite sweater of all time. I bought this fine-knit black sweater right after I graduated college when I was starting my first “big girl” job. It was the usual office, business casual job so I needed to completely revamp my wardrobe. No more frat parties or 6th Street outfits, sadly. So my mom and I took a trip to this huge H&M store at The Domain in Austin and I bought a complete new wardrobe! Everything was work-related but this one black sweater rose above and triumphed over all of the other clothes. And well, four years later, it is still my favorite sweater.

I’m not sure what it is about this sweater that makes me so obsessed with it. It’s a fine-knit, black sweater. The sleeves are a little too long for my short arms but I can pull them over my hands and take those cute just-got-my-nails-done pics. You know which ones I’m talking about. But I think it’s because this sweater is so versatile and I can wear it with virtually anything. I’ve worn it tucked into shorts during the spring, over a short skirt with thigh-high boots to a bar in the winter, under a vest in the fall, or over a black turtleneck to work because offices are always so cold.

I would highly suggest investing in a fine-knit black sweater. And at H&M or another affordable fashion store you can get these for under $20 so it’s not even really investing. You can wear a fine-knit black sweater several different ways and during almost every season. Here are some ways that you can style this type of sweater:

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