Gift Guide for the Girls

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Don’t worry, everything on this Gift Guide for the Girls is from Amazon and still has time to arrive before Christmas if you have Prime! This gift guide is for all the ladies in your life: mom, sister, aunt, grandma, friends, BFF, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, coworker, and so on. I won’t waste your precious holiday shopping time by giving a long intro, so let’s jump right in.

Chanasya Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket – y’all I ordered so many of these for my friends and family this year because they are soooo comfortable! Like, Bearfoot Dreams comfortable but for only $30!! And they come in about a million different colors.

Rose Quartz Jade Roller – these are having a huge moment right now because they reduce inflammation in your face, help tone your face (um hello), help with lymphatic drainage, and they just feel f*cking amazing.

Koffie Straws – I had no idea what these were for, like who wants to drink coffee out of a straw? But then I realized that coffee, dark tea, soda, red wine, etc. all stain your teeth and turns them yellow… Ew. So give the ($12) gift of protected, whiter teeth with these koffie straws to all the babes in your life.

Reston Lloyd Humming Pink Teakettle – I actually bought this for myself not too long ago. It goes perfectly with my gray and white kitchen decor and instead of the loud, cortisol-inducing whistle like a normal teakettle, this one has a soothing hum sound. Perfect for the ladies who need some peace and quiet in their life!

Tinkle Facial Razor – there’s nothing like the gift of a holiday shave. Unless you’re the Grinch. These are painless and really get the job done when it comes to shaving all of the peach fuzz off of your face. And it will save you some trips to the salon to wax your face also! Did I mention they’re only $3? Perfect stocking stuffer!

Craniosacral Chiropractic Neck Alignment Massager – no this isn’t a weird sex toy. It’s a device that will help reduce pain in the neck, head, and back by massaging and hitting all the right pressure points. So I think this is better than a sex toy, honestly. I get neck migraines when it’s my time of the month so this is perfect for those out there who suffer from neck migraines also!

Gel Eye Mask – I have been using this baby all weekend because I have had the worst migraines. I pop it into the fridge when I’m not using it and let it get nice and cold. Then when I have a migraine or allergy eyes or just feel puffy and bloated, I’ll slap this on and instantly feel so much better! Such a great gift for people who get migraines or headaches!

Collagen Eye Masks – these are the little strips that you put under your eyes and it’s a 4 pack with 30 eye masks in each pack. So 120 eye mask sheets! For only $5!! I use these in the morning if I have some serious bags under my eyes or dark circles and/or I’ll use them while I take a bath. They’re amazing!

Pedicure-Grade Foot File – I know this probably seems like a gross gift, but I wish someone would have bought this for me YEARS ago!! I use this after EVERY shower I take because it is seriously the same foot file they use at nail salons and it’s like getting a pedicure every day. This foot file has changed my life for real.

Silk Pillowcase – every woman should be sleeping on a silk pillowcase! I have already talked about this, but silk pillowcases help keep your hair healthy, help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and they’re temperature controlled so if you’re a hot sleeper like me, this baby stays cold all night and it feels amazing. Plus I don’t wake up with a giant crease line across my face from sleeping like a lunatic and I can curl my hair once and have the curls last for a few days!

What could the ladies in your life use from the Gift Guide for the Girls?!

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