Lazy Girl Hack to Losing Weight

lazy girl (or busy girl) hack to losing weight - without dieting or exercising! #weightloss #fitness #mealreplacementshake #lowcaloriemeal
see those chocolate cookie chunks?!
lazy girl (or busy girl) hack to losing weight - without dieting or exercising! #weightloss #fitness #mealreplacementshake #lowcaloriemeal
lazy girl (or busy girl) hack to losing weight - without dieting or exercising! #weightloss #fitness #mealreplacementshake #lowcaloriemeal
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I personally think that unless you are an actual fitness model, fitness vlogger, or fitness blogger, it is very challenging to lose weight and keep it off. Obviously if you’re getting paid to lose weight and to workout and to have a nice figure, you’re going to be a little more motivated. But if you have a full time job or kids to look after all day, losing weight and then maintaining a healthy weight is not number one on your daily agenda. So really, this should be the busy woman or lazy girl hack to losing weight!

But sure, losing weight is probably number one on your goals list. But not everyone has a personal trainer or time to spend two hours at the gym every day or a nutrition plan or time to count calories and macros and when you should be eating more carbs and less fat. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So really, you have to work with what you’ve got and what your schedule can allow. Most of the time, that means substitutions, multitasking, and strategic planning.

For me, I have to go for a run or to the gym for a workout immediately after I get home from work. If I get home and start chit-chatting with my boyfriend or sit down on the couch, I’ll never get back up again. So I have to throw my stuff inside, change really quickly and head back out! That’s just what works for me.

I have also incorporated a low-calorie meal replacement shake and a fat burner into my daily routine. Instead of grabbing breakfast on my way to work or heating something up in the office, I’ll combine my meal replacement shake powder, my Prolessa Duo fat burner powder, and some milk or water into a blender bottle and I’ll drink that on my way to work in the morning!

It saves me a lot of time in the morning and it has also helped me lose weight and keep it off. The meal replacement shake with milk is only 170 calories! For comparison: two eggs, ½ of an avocado, and toast is 398 calories… Now, two eggs, avocado and toast is a healthy breakfast and a lot better than fast food, but it’s still about 400 calories.

In order to lose weight, you have to be burning more calories than you are consuming. So if you’re not making it to the gym every day and burning a lot of calories, you have to really be watching what you are eating and you have to really cut back on the calories. So, that’s why I call this the lazy girl hack to losing weight!

If you can’t make it to the gym every day, you can still use this meal replacement shake to lower your calorie intake and lose weight. Now, it won’t happen overnight. It will take some time, especially if you are not working out. But if you are replacing 1-2 meals every day with these shakes, you will lose weight.

Plus!! The Prolessa Duo fat burner and appetite suppressant will help burn the fat around your waist and your other trouble areas and will help you tone your body up without the gym. Don’t get me wrong, going to the gym or doing any kind of exercise will really help you tone and burn fat, but this Prolessa Duo will help burn fat while you are inactive. So think, while you are sitting in traffic, or sitting at your office desk, or sitting in the carpool line at your kid’s school, wouldn’t it be so amazing if you could multitask and burn fat and lose weight while you’re just sitting there?!

Good news, you can!! The meal replacement shake mixed with the Prolessa Duo fat burner will help you lose weight and help you burn unwanted fat off of your midsection or thighs or wherever else you have unwanted fat, just by drinking it every day!

lazy girl (or busy girl) hack to losing weight - without dieting or exercising! #weightloss #fitness #mealreplacementshake #lowcaloriemeal
this is me showing you the cookie chunks in the shake mix lol

There are 11 different flavors of the meal replacement shakes so you can get a few different flavors and switch it up every day if you want more variety. My favorite is the Cookies ‘n Cream! There are actual chunks of cookie inside of the powder so it tastes like drinking a DQ Blizzard every morning. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! The meal replacement shake flavors are:

  • Cookies ‘n Cream
  • Pralines and Cream
  • Banana Caramel
  • Orange Cream
  • Pina Colada
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Wild Berry
  • Dutch Chocolate
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Caffe Latte
  • French Vanilla
lazy girl (or busy girl) hack to losing weight - without dieting or exercising! #weightloss #fitness #mealreplacementshake #lowcaloriemeal

You can either blend two scoops of the shake mix and one scoop of the Prolessa Duo mix in a blender with milk or water, or you can combine two scoops of the shake mix and one scoop of Prolessa Duo in a blender bottle with milk or water. Both taste delicious, but I think the blender method is a little more fun!

You can put ice in it to make it more like a milkshake. And you can also top with cinnamon or cocoa powder or anything (healthy) that you want!

Or if you’re in a major hurry, you can just shake it up inside of a blender bottle while you’re running out the door or walking into a meeting.

And if you aren’t super into the meal replacement shake idea, you can just use the Prolessa Duo fat burner mix and add it to breakfast smoothies or into your daily coffee. It won’t be as effective as combining it with the shake but at least you will still be burning fat and it will suppress your appetite throughout the day so you won’t get “snacky” or hungry for lunch at 11am!

These are the lazy girl hacks that I’ve used to help me lose weight and burn fat while also being super busy (or super lazy), so they could help you lose weight and burn fat also! If you have questions or want any recommendations or more information, feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram! I’m always happy to help and to share helpful information!

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