Life Update May 2019

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Hi friends! I haven’t been posting as often as I would like over the past few because I have had sooo much going on lately. So I just wanted to take a minute and share what has been going on with me lately – because I am a human also who experiences human-things – by writing this life update May 2019 blog post. I want to be as transparent as possible with this blog and even though I write about ways to get your sh*t together, or at least how to look like you have your sh*t together, most of the time, I am struggling to get my sh*t together! So, here we go

As you may know, I work in marketing as a full-time, 9-5er and the blog is my “hobby” right now. So that means that my job has to come first because that is where I am getting my income and how I will be able to put my Chihuahua, Boo, through college. I would eventually like to make enough money blogging to be able to do it full-time, but for now, I am perfectly content with this “hobby” and helping people as much as I can!

But lately with my marketing job, I have been training to take over as manager while my current manager is on maternity leave for three months. So I have been focusing a lot on training and taking over her daily responsibilities, and still keeping track of my own daily work responsibilities. So that has been stressful. We also just partnered with Subaru so I am now signing on a bunch of Subaru dealership websites and doing the digital marketing for 17+ Subaru sites. Ay ay ay…

Family beach trip to Port Aransas, TX
Easter in Fort Worth, TX – not the best quality picture
This is a water-moccasin snake that I shot right outside of my family’s ranch house (where my puppy and all of us humans run around at). Water-moccasins are extremely venomous and extremely aggressive!!

Plus on top of that, my boyfriend and I have been doing a little tour de Texas on the weekends over the past month. We’ve been to Centerville, TX to spend the weekend at my family’s ranch. We also went to Port Aransas, TX with his family for a little mini beach vacation. And we also just went to Fort Worth, TX for Easter and to introduce him to all of my hometown friends that he hadn’t met yet. And weekends are usually when I shoot my blog content so with all of that traveling and seeing friends and family, I didn’t really get any shoots done. And since I work 9-5, Monday-Friday, I would have to take PTO to shoot during the week. So that has been very hectic and very stressful and the main reason why I haven’t been posting a lot lately!

But for some good news as to why I haven’t been posting a lot lately: I just recently partnered with ShopStyle Collective! So now I can link all of my outfit, home decor, makeup, beauty products, accessories, etc. details on the blog as affiliate links and make commission from them. So that is a huge step for me in possibly being able to quit my 9-5 job and working as a full-time blogger instead! And ShopStyle Collective allows me to link my exact items and products instead of trying to always find the most similar ones. So that’s good news for you too! I have been going through all of my previous posts and swapping out the links for the exact items and my new affiliate links, so that has taken a lot of time trying to get organized and get everything linked properly. With that said, if you ever want to help a sista out and purchase (almost) anything that I have linked on my site, I will make a small commission and it will help me get closer to reaching my dream of becoming a full-time blogger! #ShamelessPlug 🙂

I have also been really sluggish lately and haven’t been working out or going for runs and I haven’t been dieting. So I am feeling a little potato-esque. I’m sure I look fine, but I just don’t feel super fit and skinny. So I need to get back to the gym and get back on my diet plan! I’m going to start drinking my weight loss smoothies in the morning for breakfast, then drinking a meal replacement shake for lunch, and then eating a healthy meal for dinner. Like something vegan, or some grilled shrimp and veggies.

I just finished reading Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter and it was soooo good! What little free-time I did have, I spent it all reading this book because I was obsessed!! Y’all should really check it out if you like thrillers and mysteries. And now I am going to start reading The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. This book is also a thriller/mystery and I just can’t get enough of this genre lately! I’ll let y’all know what I think.

I have some pretty exciting blog posts coming up this week so be sure to come back and check them out! I’m definitely excited about them and I think they will be pretty helpful to some of you out there. Thanks for reading my life update vent-sesh about how busy and stressed out I have been lately!

Talk to you soon!

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