LTK Day 2020 Haul

Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
Sharing all of my finds from the LTK Day 2020 Haul + a Try On! #sale #tryon #tryonhaul #LTKDay #liketoknowit #LTKDay2020 #LTKSale #shopping #shoppingspree #newclothes #affordableclothes #trenchcoat #momjeans #fashion #style #trendy #trending #bikershorts #bralette
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This year was the second annual LTK Day Sale and I’d say it was a huge hit. There were so many great brands involved and MAJOR discounts. I did quite a bit of shopping myself. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a shopping spree for clothes. Skincare shopping spree? All the time. Random Amazon stuff? Earlier this week. But a shopping spree for actual clothes? It’s been a hot minute. And I bought jewelry! Which I never do. So that’s why I’m so excited about this LTK Day 2020 Haul!

Now, the sale is over, but all of these items are still available for purchase. I stocked up on a lot of staples, some pieces that I have had my eye on for a while now, and some new trendy pieces to keep up with the times. 

The three brands that I was the most excited about and where I did my shopping was Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21, and The Styled Collection. I know what you’re thinking, “Abercrombie?? Abercrombie was cool when I was in Middle School… And Forever 21?! That was freshman year of college…” BUT hear me out. I’ve looked through their websites. No more huge moose logos, collared school shirts, low-rise booty shorts, chevron polyester-blend everything. They have matured, just like we have. 

In fact, if I had endless money, I would have bought one of everything on Abercrombie’s website and quite a bit from Forever 21’s also. But let’s talk about what I did buy during the LTK Day 2020 sale, that’s why we’re here isn’t it? 

Abercrombie & Fitch:

Light Wash Denim Jacket – Can you believe that this is my first denim jacket? They have been popular for so long but I just couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved and that fit me just right. This one, however, fits perfectly and was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I got the Small, my regular size, and it fits TTS. There’s room for a long sleeve shirt underneath and it’s open enough in the front to see a cute top. It isn’t bulky or boxy and it doesn’t come down over my butt like a lot of jackets do. I can’t wait to wear it year round, during the day and at night, hanging down off of one shoulder to show a cute, sexy top underneath, and so on. 

Ripped High Rise Mom Jeans – I am officially jumping on the mom jeans trend. They just look so good on everyone. They are kind of baggy and loose in the right places so they make you look slim and tiny. And since they are a casual fit, you can wear jeans to more casual occasions and have a relaxed, cool-girl outfit. And not like every event is Thanksgiving instead. 

Another thing I LOVE about Abercrombie is that they cater to extremely short girls like me. I am 5’ tall (5 feet tall exactly, no cute little 5’1 or 5’3, just plain 5 feet tall…) so all of my jeans usually go past my ankles or around my heels and I can walk on them. BUT Abercrombie is a saint and gave me the “short” option. So I finally found jeans and pants that will fit my short stubby legs and make me look like a real person in jeans! I got the Medium Ripped Wash color and I got the size 27 Short. I’m usually a 25 but with the quarantine 15, my thighs and booty be THICC. 

These jeans come in Short, Regular, and Long lengths, so perfect for tall girls as well. And they come in Medium Ripped Wash, Medium Wash With Paint Splatter, Light Wash (no holes), Light Ripped Wash, Ripped Wash Black, and Medium Wash (no holes). Lots of options! 

Drapey Trench Coat – I am obsessed! I’ve always wanted a trench coat but just never got around to buying one. I got the Light Brown color and a size X-Small and it fits perfectly on me. I feel like the small would have been too loose and baggy and not as flattering as the X-Small. If you were going to buy this coat, I would go with your regular size and not go up or down. The X-Small on me isn’t suffocatingly tight, I can still wear a long sleeve shirt or thin sweater underneath but it isn’t too loose to where it swallows me. This trench coat isn’t meant to be my full-time winter coat. This is more for date night, traveling, going out to dinner or to parties, etc. Probably my favorite purchase from LTK Day 2020.

Lace Longline Bralette – These have also been around for a while now but I just never got around to buying one. I love the way they look under a baggy top or under an off-the-shoulder sweater. I am a 32 D / 34 C and I got the size Small, which fits perfectly. It’s not too loose where it gapes and it provides the perfect amount of support for some subtle cleavage. It comes in XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL for reference. And it comes in white, black, dark orange, dark pink (dusty rose kind of), and light brown (beige). I got the white, but I also want the dark organe for UT game days! 

The Styled Collection:

I LOVE these get-the-look-for-less bracelets. They are perfect for stacking and I had been wanting them for a while now. The mixed metals go with absolutely anything and they are great to dress up any look. 

Dainty Hasma Hand Pull & Tie Bracelet

Gold Parisian Links

Logan Bangle with Pearl

Georgina Bangle with Gold “X”

Forever 21:

Camo Print T-Shirt Dress – So in love with this dress. I ordered the size small and it runs TTS. It’s a really great fit and very flattering. It isn’t see-thru but I wouldn’t wear dark underwear with it just in case. I’ve been wearing it with my camel hat from Amazon and my Steve Madden Travel Tan sandals. And to dinner the other night I wore it with my new Abercrombie jean jacket and it was super cute! Anyone else always get cold in restaurants??

Navy Blue Mineral Wash Crew Tee – I AM OBSESSED. Literally I’ve worn this every day since it arrived. This is the MOST comfiest t-shirt in the entire world. And it is the look-for-less version of the Free People shirt that you’ve probably seen floating around on Instagram. I got this one in the size Medium because I wanted it to be a little baggy and oversized and the medium is absolutely perfect. The actual one that I bought sold out quickly during the LTK Day sale, but I linked all of the “crew tee’s” at Forever 21. 

Black Crochet-Trim Peasant Top – This top is perfect for dressing up or down. I’m pairing this top with baggy paperbag shorts and a belt for a more casual look or I’ll pair it with black jeans and heels or a faux leather skirt and boots for a more dressed-up look. It is perfectly low-cut to show some cleavage but not be too scandalous. And the crop fits perfectly with high-waisted shorts/jeans. I got the size Small and it fits TTS. 

Cotton Blend Crew Tee in Gray & in Pink – I’m planning on wearing these tops to work out in or with leggings for a cute athleisure look. I got the size Small in both and they are very cropped so I would recommend wearing with high-waisted bottoms. Hopefully I get a cute little six-pack tummy soon then y’all will be seeing these tops on Instagram A LOT if you follow me! They are super cute and very comfy. 

Paperbag Denim Shorts – The ones that I bought sold out SUPER quickly but I linked similar ones. I’m normally a size Small but I sized-up in these paperbag shorts to a Medium so they will be baggy and look more effortless and less painted on daisy-dukes, haha! Plus the baggy trend is having a huge moment right now because for some reason, baggy clothes just make you look skinnier and more tiny, which I’m all about. So sign me up for all of my clothes being baggy and making me look super tiny!

Pink “Made in the 90s” Cropped Tee – Another cropped tee, I know, I know… But they’re just so cute and perfect for this stay-at-home order in place right now. My closet is getting a total makeover from mostly work clothes to now mostly “play” clothes, haha! PSA: this top runs small. I ordered the Medium hoping to “size up” like with the other top but this one is still tight and fits like a Small would. So I would order a size bigger than you normally would, but if you want to get the oversized fit look then I would order 2 or 3 sizes up… I kind of wish I would have gotten the large. But oh well, it’s still super cute! 

I also got some new NON-LTK-Day-Sale clothes around the same time like the faux “Gucci” tiger graphic t-shirt from Etsy, some black and white bodysuits from Amazon, a cropped “c’est La Vie Paris” hoodie from Amazon, and a messenger hat also from Amazon. Obsessed with all of them. I have them all hanging on my clothes rack in the middle of the dining room because I just love to look at them all…

Does anyone else do that?! 



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