Master Bedroom Nightstands

IKEA Hemnes chest as our master bedroom nightstands #furniture #decor #home #homedecor #interiordesign
IKEA Hemnes chest as our master bedroom nightstands #furniture #decor #home #homedecor #interiordesign
IKEA Hemnes chest as our master bedroom nightstands #furniture #decor #home #homedecor #interiordesign
IKEA Hemnes chest as our master bedroom nightstands #furniture #decor #home #homedecor #interiordesign
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When my boyfriend and I decided to move into a house together, I realized that a lot of my furniture was going to have to be updated into adult furniture. Meaning, my tiny $20 Walmart nightstands (that I assembled incorrectly) were going to have to be upgraded. I’ve been endlessly scrolling Pinterest looking at bedroom furniture, specifically for nightstands, and I came across a few bedrooms featuring these Hemnes 3-drawers chests from Ikea. In every photo they look so nice and sophisticated so I knew they would be perfect master bedroom nightstands in our house as well!

Our master bedroom is pretty spacious compared to all of the apartment bedrooms that I had lived in before. So my little dorm-room, Walmart nightstands were completely lost in this huge room next to a huge bed. It looked almost like a frat house with mismatched furniture from garage sales or hand-me-downs. They were small, single-drawer white nightstands that were only about 2 feet tall by 1.5 feet wide. Completely drowned out in the huge room!

I ordered the first Hemnes 3-drawer chest from Ikea a couple months ago because they are $179 before shipping and I didn’t want to drop about $500 from one paycheck just on nightstands! So I had to wait a little bit, but I finally bought the second one.

My boyfriend and I assembled the second one together, which took about an hour and a half with us both doing it, but my boyfriend assembled the first one by himself and it took him three hours!! And we also had to use a hammer and the power drill, along with other tools, for most of it. So if you are wanting to get these Hemnes chests also, make sure you are prepared!

The chests are huge! If you looked at it sitting alone, you would not think of it as a nightstand. It could definitely be used as a dresser! But when you put both chests in the room with the bed between them, they look absolutely beautiful! They are really tall so we have to buy another box spring to go under our bed to raise it up more. We already have the bedframe with legs, risers under the legs, a box spring, and a mattress and the bed is still not tall enough. I’m just worried about either of use sitting up too close to the edge of the bed and getting a black eye from the corner of the chests. #yikes

I got both Hemnes chests in the “white”. There is a “white stain” color, but I have no idea what the difference is from the regular “white” since I haven’t seen the “white stain” in person. And the Hemnes chests are so cute because they came with patterned drawer bottoms. They are gray and white stripes so even the inside of the chest is cute!

In my Hemnes chest that we’re using as our master bedroom nightstands, I have the top drawer as my regular nightstand drawer (book I’m reading, stationery, pens, iPad, other random objects). I have the middle drawer holding all of my socks and pantyhose. And the bottom drawer is holding all of my sweatpants and all of my swimsuits. I had originally wanted to put socks and swimsuits together but I have wayyyyy more socks than I do sweatpants, haha!

And in my boyfriend’s chest/nightstand, he is also using the top drawer for his regular nightstand drawer. It’s funny because his nightstand drawer contents are totally different from mine. He has a gun in there, pocket knives, bullets, sunglasses, old phones, chargers, etc. and I have like monogrammed stationery and rejuvenating eye cream, haha! In his middle drawer he has workout shirts, yard work shirts, socks, and underwear. And in his bottom drawer he has swim trunks, sweatpants and pajama pants, work shorts, and athletic shorts. So basically, I have a huge dresser opposite the bed with my pajamas, panties, bras, short sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, athletic shorts, leggings/yoga pants, and athletic tops… and he gets the 3-drawer chest as his only dresser, haha! I would say sorry, but he has a lot less clothes than I do so it worked out perfectly!

On top of the master bedroom nightstands, I’m going to decorate each side with the marble lamp and black lampshade and I’m going to place some picture frames, fashion/coffee table books, candles, and maybe some greenery or other decorative knickknacks on there. So far all I have are the two lamps and one candle. But I am a firm believer that decorating a house is a marathon and not a sprint! Once we have the throw pillows, artwork, and wall color picked out I’ll be making some more trips to Home Goods or T.J. Maxx to finish decorating the master bedroom!


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