Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Shout out to all the mamas out there! Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th so make sure you are ready with a gift, a sweet text first thing in the morning, and maybe a brunch or happy hour planned for your sweet mama! I put together a Mother’s Day gift guide because it can be so hard finding something for your mom. Honestly, they are the most angelic creatures on earth because most moms would be happy if you just picked them a bouquet of weeds and handed it to them as you wished them a happy Mother’s Day and thanked them for everything they do for you! They would probably put them in a cup of water on the kitchen table because moms are so sentimental. At least I know my mom would!

So finding a present that your mom would like can be difficult because honestly she will probably like anything if it comes from her sweet baby (that’s you). And your mother deserves her own private island with endless hot cabana boys and pina coladas on tap, but none of us reading or writing this blog post can afford that. So what should you get your mom to show her how much you appreciate her?

I always like to pair my Mother’s Day gift with the season so that my mom can start wearing or using it immediately. Which she will either way, so it’s best to get her something weather-appropriate or else she will be wearing a monogrammed scarf all summer long. So I always like to get her a piece of spring or summer jewelry or some cute sandals.

This year I’m getting my mom a pair of the Sam Edelman Circus sandals because she is so in love with the Tory Burch Miller sandals, but neither her nor I can afford those things on the reg so I’m getting her the best dupes I could find! In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen my mom wearing a pair of closed-toe shoes, so I know she will love the sandals. She is definitely a warm-weather, summer girl and always has her toenails painted so her entire shoe collection consists of sandals only!

I also have my step mom and my boyfriend’s mom to buy Mother’s Day gifts for. My step mom has the same style of jewelry as I do – it’s actually funny because every time we get each other a gift, it’s always jewelry and we always tell each other how it was really hard gifting it because we wanted it for ourselves so we know that we will love it – so I’m going to get her the Shashi Bonita earrings from Shopbop that I also linked below. I absolutely love them and “it will be really hard to give them up because I want them for myself” haha! #Typical. And for my boyfriend’s mom I’m going to get her the 5-piece pampering set. She just moved into a new house and the bathroom is phenomenal so I know she will really enjoy pampering herself in that huge, luxurious bathroom!

Here are some great options for everyone on your Mother’s Day gift list:

And if you don’t think any of those gifts are right or if you’re on a tight budget, you can always just cook a meal for your mom, take her to lunch, write her a meaningful card, or just spend the day with her doing whatever. When I was in college, I would drive back to Fort Worth from Austin and I would spend the weekend with my mom watching movies on the couch, going to get pedicures together, going to La Madeleine’s for lunch, and just hanging out and she absolutely loved it. We both did! So you don’t have to get your mom a gift for Mother’s Day, you can just spend time with her and that will be just as special!

What are your Mother’s Day plans?!


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