My Everyday Jewelry

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I’m not a huge jewelry person. I see some girls wearing huge statement earrings and layered necklaces and stacks of bracelets on each wrist and a ring on every finger and it looks great but that would just drive me crazy! I would just sit there and play with the jewelry all day long and not get a single productive thing done. I guess I have a much more minimalist approach when it comes to jewelry. However, with special outfits I will get a little more crazy and wear a statement necklace or statement earrings. But my everyday jewelry is a lot more minimalist!

Sharing my everyday jewelry! Minimalist but still stylish and chic with my wrist #stack! #goldjewelry #everydayjewelry #jewelry #glam
Stack w/ Michael Kors watch

I have an office job in marketing where I’m sitting in front of a computer all day typing and what not, so stacks of bracelets just clank around and get in the way. Sure, if I was going to brunch or dinner or something I would wear my “stack” of bracelets and a watch, but at work for 8+ hours a day on a computer, they would just clank on the keyboard and on the desk and against each other all day. So I don’t wear anything on my wrists during work, but my go-to “stack” of wrist-wear would be a watch, either my gold and black Michael Kors Bradshaw watch or my tiny gold Coach watch (don’t sell my exact one anymore but this one is similar!), my David Yurman Cable Classic bracelet, my gold Tory Burch logo cuff bracelet, and my gold Kendra Scott Edie Cuff bracelet!

Sharing my everyday jewelry! Minimalist but still stylish and chic with my wrist #stack! #goldjewelry #everydayjewelry #jewelry #glam
Stack w/ petite Coach watch

I got the David Yurman bracelet from my parents after I was accepted into the University of Texas and before I started Rush Week to join a sorority. All the cool girls had them lol! The Tory Burch logo cuff bracelet I found at the outlet mall here in Houston for a great price and had to grab it! I also bought the Kendra Scott bracelet as a birthday present to myself. Every October, I get myself a new piece from Kendra Scott – birth month is 50% off everything – so I always use my 50% discount to treat myself 😉

I always always always wear two rings, one on each hand, every day. On my left hand I wear my David Yurman Petite Albion ring with Citrine and Diamonds. When I graduated from the University of Texas, instead of buying the typical graduation ring from UT, my parents bought me this David Yurman ring with the Citrine stone because it is burnt orange (UT’s color). I would have only worn my grad ring for a few years after graduation and then I would have put it into a box never to be worn again. I just don’t like the look of stylish rings on someone’s hand and then a big chunky college grad ring… Ruins the aesthetic! So I opted for the David Yurman instead because 1.) it’s David Yurman, and 2.) it’s stylish so I’ll always wear it. And I do!

Sharing my everyday jewelry! Minimalist but still stylish and chic with my wrist #stack! #goldjewelry #everydayjewelry #jewelry #glam
Cartier Love ring DUPE!! from Amazon – link below!

The other ring I wear, on my right hand, is the Cartier Love ring DUPE that I found on Amazon for $11. It’s gold and has the cartier logos around it, and it even says ”LOVE” on the side and “Cartier” on the inside of the ring. So you wouldn’t notice that it is a dupe unless I told you. Which I just did because you should totally get one! Here’s the link to check out the Cartier Love ring dupe on Amazon!!

Sharing my everyday jewelry! Minimalist but still stylish and chic with my wrist #stack! #goldjewelry #everydayjewelry #jewelry #glam

And for my daily necklace, I wear the Wanderlust + Co Crescent Zodiac Gold Necklace (in Scorpio obviously). I was wanting a crescent moon necklace for so long and I finally found this one and I have barely taken it off since. The reason I love it so much is because 1.) it’s my Scorpio zodiac sign, and 2.) it has three different length settings!! It has a small, choker almost length that I wear with t-shirts because I love where it sits on the base of my neck. And it has a medium length that sits right in the middle of my upper chest that I’ll wear with low-cut tops. And it has a long length that hangs just above my cleavage that I’ve worn with really low cut tops! Sometimes I’ll switch this necklace out for my gold monogram necklace if I need something bigger or I’ll switch it out for my little gold Texas necklace if I need something simpler!

Sharing my everyday jewelry! Minimalist but still stylish and chic with my wrist #stack! #goldjewelry #everydayjewelry #jewelry #glam

As for earrings… I really never wear them unless my hair is in a top knot or a ponytail, or if I’m wearing a top that I can’t wear a necklace with. Like an off-the-shoulder top for instance. I like being able to show off my collar bones in an OTS top so I’ll wear statement earrings instead. And when my hair is in a top knot or ponytail, I’ll just wear little studs or diamonds. Earrings really irritate my ears, probably because I don’t wear them enough, but I always end up taking them out because they’ll get red and itchy. Maybe I’m allergic?!

I also have my belly button pierced and a rook piercing in my left ear! I always wear my belly button ring because I think I look skinnier with it in… #SelfEsteemIssues. And if you don’t know what a rook piercing is, just google it! I love mine because it’s hidden but still edgy and makes me feel like a bad girl haha!

Well there you go, my everyday jewelry! I know it’s not much but most of it is really special to me and I feel naked without it on! Of course I’ll wear fancy jewelry with certain outfits, but this is my typical weekday jewelry combo when I’m wearing my boring work clothes or running to CVS or something.


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