New Home, Who Dis? Home Makeover Series

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Hello friends! I am excited to introduce my “New Home Who Dis” Home Makeover Blog Series. I’m going to be sharing posts about projects, organization, sharing-of-space, decoration, etc. for a new home. And this doesn’t have to be house-exclusive. A lot of this will apply to apartments as well!

Some background: my boyfriend just recently bought his first house, and well, him being a guy and never experiencing the magical world of Pinterest, he kind of just moved into the house and lives there with his bed and futon and mismatched dishes. That’s my que to step in and provide a woman’s touch to the place to make it more of a home instead of a house.

He obviously has some projects in mind, but they are more fundamental and manly. Like, replacing the windows and some electrical work. #pass. I on the other hand, have a lot of  cosmetic, “facelift” projects in mind for the house, such as spray painting the gold door knobs and updating the ceiling fans to make the house look less 90’s.

I’ll be sharing both his projects and my own projects in this series to cover a wider spectrum of home makeover to-do’s. And this series won’t be a short one either. It’ll probably last at least a year because house projects are never actually finished are they…? And it’s just him and I doing this, we’re not a house flipping company. That would be awesome though!

Keep in mind that we are both in our twenties and #BallinOnABudget. This series isn’t going to be about either of us spending $1,000+ on a project or spending thousands on new furniture or just hiring a crew to come do stuff for us. We’re eating ramen and doing all DIY projects… We’re making the most out of what we already have or what we can find for cheap and I know there are a lot of others out there in the same boat we are.

I want this Home Makeover series to be achievable for everyone out there with a new house or wanting to update their current house. I hope it’s helpful and inspiring to those out there wanting to give your space an update or at least a small “facelift” without having to save up money or budget around home projects. Stay tuned!!


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