New Home Who Dis Series: Bathroom Sink Organization

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Sooo I moved into my boyfriend’s house with him over the weekend. Like officially moved in with him. And, poor thing, he was terrified when he saw me unpacking my several bags of clothes, shoes, beauty products, handbags, accessories, makeup, hair styling tools… He had never seen so much sh*t in his life haha! So, I’ve been trying to organize all of my belongings (especially under the bathroom sink) in order to not scare him anymore and make it look like I have less stuff!

I went to Walmart and bought some baskets, an underbed shoe organizer (for his shoes, not mine), and these plastic “shoe drawer” containers. I knew these “shoe drawers” would be the perfect size for all of my beauty products and they stack so they would fit perfectly under the sink. And I was right!

I bought four of them to go underneath my sink to tuck everything away neatly into drawers instead of just scattered around or in these little bins I had before. The drawers are pretty deep, too, so they can actually fit A LOT of stuff! I have one drawer for hair products, one for lotions and face masks, one for makeup and makeup brushes, and another drawer for skincare products that I’m testing out.

I also have cleaned-out candle jars holding small products that I use regularly and a white plastic bin to hold my hair styling tools. And all of the large items that I cannot fit into the drawers lined up perfectly in between so everything is just a simple reach away and I don’t have to go looking for anything. I’ll probably be doing this for all of my under-sink spaces!

Details: 6qt. Drawers  | White Storage Bins  |  Makeup Bag (similar)  |


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