Pink Lily Sweaters Under $50

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Hi y’all!! I’m sure you have all heard about The Pink Lily Boutique by now… All of my favorite bloggers shop at this online boutique and everything I saw them wearing was just absolutely adorable AND they are inexpensive. So I had to check out these Pink Lily sweaters for myself!

I wanted to start off slow with only two sweaters because some of their sizing is “small/medium” and “medium/large” as the only sizing options and well, I pretty much don’t have a torso at all, so I have to be careful with sizes like that. I ordered the Your Love is Everything Sweater in Lavender (size small/medium) and I ordered the Commitment to Cool Sweater in White (size small). The purple sweater was $48 and the white sweater was $46 originally but I had a 20% discount code so only $36.80 in the end!! You can’t beat that!

Let me just tell you, I am head over heels in love with both of them. I have been wearing the lavender Your Love is Everything sweater for 3 days in a row now because it is seriously SO SOFT!! Plus it’s the perfect “effortlessly sexy” look. Which is important now that I’m living with my boyfriend, I don’t want to lounge around in my usual sweatpants and stained, oversized t-shirt.This sweater is perfect because it’s super comfy but also very stylish. #BestOfBothWorlds

It can also be dressed up or dressed down. For instance, Saturday I had some friends over to help decorate our new house and I wore the sweater with yoga leggings and Nikes. Then Saturday night, I met some friends for dinner and I paired the sweater with jeans and booties. Don’t you love it when you can just wear the same thing all day long?! Especially in the winter when it’s too cold to change. Ha!

The Commitment to Cool sweater is absolutely perfect as well. They are both off-the-shoulder, which is such a trendy, sexy look for the winter because it’s warm but you still look feminine and spicy mami hot tamale. #CardiBreference

The white Commitment to Cool sweater is great for date night, hanging out at the house with your significant other, or a casual dinner with friends/family. We always have a family dinner at my parent’s house Sunday nights (it’s an Italian thing) and I wore the white sweater with black jeans and my mom almost mugged me for it!

Edited: This post was meant to go out Wednesday, but I took the lavender sweater out of my closet and noticed that some of the stitching had come unraveled… Well I emailed the Pink Lily Boutique and within 12 hours they emailed me a shipping/return label and informed me that they were sending me a new sweater. How freakin awesome is that?! Omg… If I wasn’t completely in love before, I definitely am now. Amazing customer service!!

In conclusion, you should totally check out The Pink Lily Boutique because they have amazing clothes. Very flattering and very affordable. Luxury looks but for less than $50! Happy hunting my friends!

Details: Lavender Sweater ($48)  | White Sweater ($46)  | Black Jeans ($49)  | AG Ripped Jeans ($225), Similar ($42)

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