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Don’t you love it when you find a product that makes your life like a million times easier? Ugh I love that sh*t so much… I’m CONSTANTLY looking on blogs, Amazon reviews, Buzzfeed, Instagram, everywhere for products that other people love and that makes their life easier and I put that ish in my shopping cart immediately. I’m currently working a full-time, 9-5 office job, plus running a blog, plus starting a website design business so finding products that make my life easier and save me time is KEY!!! And I know I’m not the only one so I wanted to go ahead and make a comprehensive list of all of these said products to make your life easier so you all can save time and make things a whole lot easier every day also! 

Now, these aren’t just “work” products to make your workload easier to handle. And they’re not just kitchen utensils to save time cooking and eating. I’m covering ALL OF THE BASES y’all. 

So let’s get started, mmkay? 

#1 – The Best Planner Ever – I have talked about this planner a lot on the blog and on my Instagram stories so this shouldn’t be a new one if you are an avid follower/reader of mine. This planner has a section for notes each month where I list my major to-do’s, and it has the whole month laid out in the typical calendar style where I write down my important dates, pay-days, and appointments, and it also breaks down each day of the month where I write my daily to-do lists. This planner is the tits and I literally don’t go anywhere without it. 

#2 – Koffie Straws – These aren’t just for coffee, though! Red wine, sodas, tea, anything dark. This will save your teeth from staining and will save you $$ on teeth whitening! 

#3 – Time Cube – I always have a million things to do at once and my problem is always staying focused on one task at a time. I’ll be folding laundry then see that one of my dresser drawers is messy and not folded, so I’ll stop folding and focus on the dresser drawer, then I’ll see that there is dust on the dresser so I’ll start dusting, and so on… So the time cube really saves me because I can time-block and focus only on one task for a certain amount of time only then once the timer goes off I move onto another task like organizing a drawer or dusting. HUGE time and life saver!!

#4 – Pill Organizer – I always forget to take my daily vitamins in the morning before I leave for work. So instead of carrying around 5-6 bottles of pills in my purse or cluttering up my desk, I got this cute little pink pill organizer to keep in my purse with me so everything is nice and neat and uncluttered and I take my vitamins every day! 

#5 – Salon-Grade Foot Filer – This bad boy saves me soooo much money on pedicures and saves me from soooo much embarrassment. This foot filer is a GAME CHANGER y’all. I use this every day right after I get out of the shower. My feet feel like pillows and I’m not embarrassed to wear sandals or to take my shoes off and wave my around in someone’s face at yoga. I have tried SO many products and tools to get the dead skin off of my heels and make them softer but this foot filer is 100% legit and I’ll probably never worry about my feet again. Like y’all have no idea. I bought these same foot filers for my mom and aunts and they all texted me and said how amazing the foot filer was! 

#6 – Purse Organizer – I change my purses pretty often depending on my outfit, so having this purse organizer makes everything so much easier. I can just grab the purse organizer out of one purse and throw it into another and I’m done. That’s it. Plus the purse organizer has a million pockets to organize everything so I’m not digging to the depths of hell just to find a pen or some chapstick. 

#7 – Giant Water Bottle – I used to not be a huge water drinker. Honestly, it’s kind of annoying running back and forth to the kitchen, grabbing a cup, and filling it up with water when I could just grab a soda or a juice or a tea right out of the fridge or pantry ready-to-go. SO I bought this giant ass water bottle and keep it with me at all times so I don’t have to go find a drink as often and it keeps me drinking way more water than I ever have before. Plus, squeezing lemon into it helps with bloating plus it tastes delicious and way better than just plain water (IMO). 

#8 – Hot Rollers – Running short on time while you’re trying to get ready? Pop some hot rollers into your hair then put on your makeup, pick your outfit, iron your clothes, brush your teeth, take your car to get an oil change, whatever, and then just take out the curlers and you’re good-to-go! These are such a huge time saver in the morning when you’re running late and don’t want to compromise leaving your hair a mess. Plus they’ll make you feel really glamorous! 

#9 – Pre-Cooked Noodles – Lunches at work every day are hard. Leftovers are okay but they get annoying after a while. Meal prepping is good but you don’t always have time for it and eating the same thing every day gets boring. Or you could eat out for every lunch but that’ll cost a lot of money and make you gain weight. So keeping pre-cooked noodles at work will help you avoid spending money on fattening food, plus it’s a super easy and quick meal that you can make at work. Just throw some sauce on it or some olive oil and veggies and it’s a home cooked meal at work! 

#10 – Silk Pillowcase – So the silk pillowcase doesn’t immediately make your life easier per se, but it will in the long run. A silk pillowcase helps to prevent wrinkles when you squish your face down on the pillow all night. The silk helps to smooth everything out and keep your face from getting too squished and wrinkled. So it will save you from getting Botox earlier on or more of it when the time comes. 

#11 – Gel Eye Mask – This is the most amazing eye mask ever. I keep mine in the fridge and when I get a headache, migraine, kink in my neck, hangover, hangnail, anything, I grab it and put it on my face or head or wherever it hurts and it is the most amazing thing ever. I get migraines when it’s “that time of the month” so I’ll grab my cold gel eye mask and take a nap with it on and it feels incredible! Or if your face is bloated and you have inflammation, you can put it on your eyes and it will de-puff everything! 

#12 – Lazy Susan Beauty Storage – My whole life changed when I got this lazy susan beauty organizer for my skincare products. I have everything organized so now when I’m doing my skincare routines I can quickly grab everything without having to search. I have one compartment for moisturizers, one for oils and serums, one for eye products, one for cleansing products, and one for treatments (masks, lips, eyelash enhancers, etc.). Everything is so organized and it makes my morning and evening routines like a million times faster. Definitely one of my favorite products to make your life easier! 

#13 – Rolling Clothing Rack – As a blogger, the rolling clothing rack has really saved me a bunch of time and energy. I can plan out all of my outfits for photo shoots so I don’t have to scramble to put an outfit together the day of and lay everything on a chair or over a door. I plan all of my outfits and hang everything on the rack and then keep it by the front door so I’m ready to go when the time comes for the shoot. 

#14 – Hanging Door Rack – These have been around forever and obviously make life a whole lot easier, but I just never got around to getting one until recently. I hung it on our pantry door and stored all of our condiments and baking goods on it. So not only did it save a bunch of room in the pantry but it’s also super easy to grab soy sauce or olive oil while I’m cooking instead of having to dig for it on the back of a shelf somewhere. 

#15 – The Ultimate Probiotic – I know this might seem like a weird addition to the “products to make your life easier” but in all honesty, this probiotic really does make your life easier. 1.) It helps fight bloating, 2.) it helps to boost your metabolism, 3.) it’s a mood enhancer so like a happy pill or chill pill, 4.) it helps keep your #2’s regular and healthy, plus much much more. I took these probiotics every day for a month and then ran out, and let me tell you, that week of me not having the probiotics I felt like a freakin’ cow and I was so bloated and constipated and couldn’t stop tooting so I’m never running out of those again. They are life changing and now I don’t have to worry about bloating or being irregular or having gas. #Hallelujah 

So there you have it. Those are the 15 products to make your life easier. And not just for work, but also for bloating, headaches, migraines, hangovers, constipation, time management, organization, skincare, whiter teeth, etc. Everything that we have to go through, these products can at least make them easier or just non-existent. 

You’re welcome.

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