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TBH, I do most of my shopping on If I ever need something but don’t feel like going to the store to get it, I’ll order it off Amazon. Or if there is something abnormal that I need, I’ll always check Amazon to see if I can find it there first. Amazon is just so trustworthy, plus free returns on most items if it doesn’t work out, and I can read reviews on products from people who have bought it so I know exactly what to expect. So here are some recent Amazon purchases that I’ve ordered and what I think about them!

1. Resistance exercise bands – I just started a new booty-training workout program and some of the exercises require a resistance band. Sure I could have gone to Target or Academy and bought some but these that I bought came in a 5-pack with all different resistance levels. And it was only $10 so you can’t beat that! Target has a 3-pack available for $11 so the Amazon ones were a better deal!

2. Burner grates for a gas stove – the stove in our house right now is from 1995 (at least) and so there is about 23+ years of grime on those burners and it is hella gross y’all. So I’m giving our stove a makeover with Amazon items to make it a lot cuter and trendy without breaking the bank. These were $22.50 each and I ordered four of them.

3. Spare Ignition key & key fob for my new car – as you may know, I just recently bought a new (used) car. My dream car to be exact. And well, it only came with one set of keys. And it’s super super important to always have a spare set of keys case you lose them or accidentally lock them in the car. So I ordered these and then took it over to Walmart and they copied my original key onto the new one. AND they did it for FREE since I wasn’t buying a key from Walmart. How nice is that?! And we looked on YouTube how to program the key fob, which was super easy also. These only cost me $15!! (FYI, they are very expensive from the car dealership).

AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil - Synthetic Blend - 5W-30 - 5 Quart - AM53BH3Q
This is the oil that my boyfriend uses for his 2003 Chevy Silverado

4. Engine/Motor oil – did you know that you can save a sh*t ton of money by ordering oil off of Amazon when it’s time for an oil change?! When I would take my car in to get an oil change it would cost me between $50-$70 each time. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is a trained car mechanic and he knows how to change the oil himself, which a lot of people know how to do and a lot of people should learn how to do themselves because it’s a great skill to know and it can save you a ton of money by doing it yourself. He has been teaching me, and it’s actually pretty easy. AND the oil from Amazon is about half the price of oil from Walmart or AutoZone. This oil costs $17 and changing it ourselves was free. So I saved about $50!! Just make sure that you are using the right kind of oil for your car!

The University of Texas Longhorns METAL Auto Emblem - Many Different Colors Available! (Chrome (Black trim))

5. University of Texas Longhorn car decal – Hook ‘em Horns! Since I got a new car, I had to get a new UT emblem for it, of course. This was only $15 and they have just about every college’s car decal available!

6. 4-Pack of 9-volt batteries – 9-volt batteries are actually really expensive at CVS and Walgreens… It’s like $12 for a 6-pack at a drug store, but on Amazon they were only $7 for a 4-pack. Not a huge saving difference but hey, saving money is saving money right?!

7. Stainless steel belly button rings 5-pack – I have been buying belly button rings off of Amazon for several years now. They’re just so much cheaper and easier than going to the mall or somewhere to buy new ones. And I lose the balls/tops of my belly button rings so often that I’m buying new ones at least once a year. These are only $12 for a 5-pack!!

I had to take this picture while it was storming outside so leaves kept blowing everywhere!

8. Black and white plaid rug for front porch – layering front porch rugs is having such a moment right now, plus it’s super cute! I was able to find some on Amazon for under $30. Pretty much everywhere else was sold out of these or they were extremely expensive. I got the 24”x51” rug and it was only $23!

9. No slip, open-back pant hangers – since my boyfriend and I moved in together, it meant that we had to start sharing a closet. This was a lot harder for me than it was for him. I’m very fond of my closet space. So one of my blogger friends told me about these pant hangers and how they save so much space. Plus our closet has this weird space at the bottom where only shorts, skirts, and folded pants can fit, so these worked out perfectly! And the back is open so you can just grab the pants right off instead of taking them out of the triangle hanger! I bought the 10 pack for $30.

Organize It All Easy to Reach Hook Closet Hanger with Non Slip Hand Grip

10. Closet hanger reach hook – these are the hooks that you see at clothing stores when they have something hung up really high and you have to awkwardly ask them to get something down for you. We have really tall ceilings and a clothes rod way up at the top in our closet so I had to get a reach hook otherwise I would have to get the ladder out every time I want to wear a  different winter coat. This reach hook was only $23 and has been a lifesaver this past winter!

11. Leopard coffee table book – if you know me, you know that I love leopard print. I would paint the walls in our house leopard print if my boyfriend wouldn’t shank me after seeing it. So of course I found this Leopard: Fashion’s Most Powerful Print book to go on our coffee table! And it was only $13!!

If you don’t have Amazon Prime already, you should definitely consider it. I find almost everything on Amazon from house decor to car parts, and with Prime it’s free two-day shipping so I get it quickly and can return it for free! Happy shopping and I hope Amazon brings you as much joy as it does for me!


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