Recent Beauty Empties

Recent Beauty Empties and the replacements I ordered! #beauty #beautyproducts #hair #makeup #hairgoals #makeuptutorial #haircare #haircareproducts #skincare
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Aye bay bay! Good to see you, doll. These past three weeks have been really hectic and crazy. I’ve been having so many sparks of creative energy and interest towards different things like painting and decorating my house (our master bedroom is done by the way), and for a while I really wanted to get into gardening and start growing my own herbs to cook with (still planning on doing that), and then for another little minute I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch Queen of the South for a while (which I did). Does anyone else go through interest phases like that?! But while all of this was happening, I didn’t even realize that I had run out of a TON of my favorite beauty products and I was left with very little makeup and hair products. #Nightmare. So I wanted to find the silver lining and turn my recent beauty empties into a blog post and share what new stuff I just ordered! 

And just in time for Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale! Now until September 21st. So stock up now so you won’t run out and be left with recent beauty empties (and no refills) like me! 

#1 – Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

This has been my go-to bronzer for a few years now. I get the ‘chocolate soleil’ (medium to deep) shade. I don’t use a powder foundation – I use a liquid foundation – and I just kind of use this bronzer as my powder foundation and to set my liquid foundation. I apply it in the ‘3’ motion technique on my upper forehead in my hairline, on my cheeks, and on my jawline. My face is really small so that pretty much covers everything except my nose… haha! I’ve tried other bronzers but I always keep coming back to this one because it smells delicious and it blends in the best and doesn’t look like stage makeup. 

#2 – Too Faced Better than sex mascara

I think the entire world knows that Too Face Better Than Sex mascara is my absolute favorite and pretty much no other mascara compares. JK, I’m sure that’s not true, but I just really love this mascara. I have eyelash extensions and after they start falling out I use the BTS mascara and it looks perfect again, like all of my lashes have the extensions on them. I’ve been using this mascara for years and years. I’ve tried probably a hundred other mascara but the BTS is still my favorite. It gets my eyelashes really thick AND really long. And they don’t get all clumpy and spidery. BTS IS THE BEST!!! 

#3 – Lancome Teint Idole 24hr Longwear SPF 15 Liquid Foundation

I have had a really hard time finding the right liquid foundation. I’ve tried MAC’s liquid foundation and it was very cakey, Make Up For Ever’s liquid foundation and none of the colors matched my skin, Tarte Face Tape Foundation and it looked like I had died and was starting to decompose, and several others that are just too horrible to mention. Estee Lauder Double Wear was a really good liquid foundation but it was pretty thick. However, Lancome Teint Idole is by far my favorite. It matches my skin perfectly, I actually have it in two different shades, one for when I have a spray tan on (shade 360 Bisque N) and one for when I don’t (shade 340 Bisque N). They both match so perfectly it’s more like they’re an eraser just erasing my blemishes and red cheeks instead of covering stuff up. And it’s extremely light and buildable. It never looks cakey or really thick and it stays on all day. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with another liquid foundation. 

#4 – Dry Shampoo

I was using the OGX Bodifying Dry Shampoo but it wasn’t really that good… For the longest time I just thought that dry shampoo didn’t work in my hair but then I upgraded from the $8 dry shampoo to the $24 Living Proof Dry Shampoo and it AMAZING!! It smells incredible, plus it actually WORKS in my hair. The $24 is definitely worth it because it volumizes my hair and makes it look like I just got a fresh blow out at the salon, even though I haven’t washed my hair in five days. And my hair is super long and thick but it still lifts it up and gives it some volume. And for all my brunette beauties out there, it doesn’t leave white residue! Literally the best dry shampoo

#5 – Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer

I’ve been using THIS primer so quite some time now. I think I was first introduced to this primer at a hair salon. I remember the hairstylist spraying something white into my hair that smelled amazing and then I had the most perfect curls when she was done. So ever since I have been using the B&B Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer and I’m still super in love with it. 

Last week I put in a replacement order on all of my recent beauty empties, everything except the old dry shampoo I was using and instead I got the Living Proof dry shampoo. So much better… I just love getting a huge box of beauty products delivered on my doorstep when I get home from work. It’s like Christmas almost! 

Last night, I shared everything I bought on my Instagram stories and you can find it in my “Beauty” highlights on IG. All of my recent beauty empties plus all of my replacements that I just bought. I’m telling you, the Too Face Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer container is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out of this one because it’s too pretty to throw away… Is that weird?!

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