Rodeo Outfit Inspiration

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Hey y’all!! It’s almost Rodeo Season, which means it’s time to dust off your Lucchese boots and pick your pre-game locations!

Since I moved to Houston around this time last year, it was part of my Houstonian Right of Passage to attend my first Houston Rodeo in 2018. I found out that it’s not like the rodeos in Fort Worth (where I am originally from) where we watch the bull riding and mutton busting up close enough to get the dirt on you then two-step around a small dance floor at an intimate concert afterwards….

Noooo the Houston (and San Antonio) Rodeo is like Austin City Limits Music Festival but with some bull riding beforehand. This year, Cardi B, Kings of Leon, Zedd, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, and George Strait (plus many others) will be performing at the rodeo… Are you serious?! This is not like the typical rodeos I grew up attending where we wore dirty boots and jeans because there is a mechanical bull to ride…

So last year, I thought to myself, “what on Earth am I supposed to wear to a rodeo where the hottest current artists are performing?” Do I wear my cowboy boots and jeans? Or do I wear a cute “going out” top and skirt? Cue the “when you have mutton busting in the morning and a Cardi B concert at 8” outfit memes.

Well, it’s the Houston Rodeo, so you have to wear cowboy boots. You’ll be shunned if not. And you would be surprised at how versatile your cowboy boots are… They actually pair nicely with a lot of outfits, you just have to own it! As for the outfit, I would wear something that you feel sexy and fine af in. For me that is something that shows off my legs and my cleavage. Midriff is not my most flattering area, but if you have killer abs, then by all means wear a crop top! Or if you have a bomb azz booty then wear something that accentuates it!

Last year, I went to two rodeo events. The first one was with my family and I wore my leopard print Lucchese boots (yes, I’m extra) with a low cut, flowy green dress. The second event was to see Chris Young for “Ladies Night” at the Houston Rodeo. So literally a huge group of us ladies went together and it was so much fun!! For Ladies Night, I wore a long sleeve, black romper that was reallllly low cut (to show my ladies off for ladies night) and with my Lucchese boots, of course.

side note: Baby Boo looks like a stuffed animal brb crying

I was very pleased with both outfit selections that I chose. Some people would argue that the Houston Rodeo is “not that fancy” and that you would be okay with just wearing jeans or shorts and a cute top. But I like to live by the saying, “you can never be overdressed or overeducated” (Oscar Wilde) and so I always choose to be the one that is overdressed! The weather during Rodeo Season is very confusing though (late February/beginning of March in Texas…) so bring a jacket if you know you’ll get cold!

Some of my Houston Rodeo 2019 outfits that I have lined up are as follows:

1. Black, velvet bodysuit + ripped jeans + western belt + cowboy boots

2. Off-the-shoulder sweater + jean shorts (Daisy Dukes!) + cowboy boots

3. Brown suede dress w/ black detailing + cowboy boots (and probably a jacket)

Have fun at the rodeo, whether that be in Houston or San Antonio or Austin or Fort Worth!! It’s truly a Texas tradition 🙂

What was your favorite Rodeo outfit that you’ve worn?!

Outfit Details: Black Bodysuit $11 | White Sweater $46 | Western Belt $8 | Jean Shorts $45 | Jeans $180 (20% off right now) | Green Dress (old) similar $34, similar $15 | Brown Suede Dress (old) similar $41, similar $25 | Black Romper $30 | Boots (old) similar $50, similar $235


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