Ski Fashion Style Guide

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Looking cute and feminine at the beach is a lot easier than looking cute and feminine while skiing under a thousand layers of clothes. I know that not everything is a fashion show, but come on. Looking good will get you feeling good and will give you that boost of confidence, even if you’re not the best skier! Or at least that’s my look on skiing! But how do you style ski clothes into a fashionable, flattering outfit? Keep reading to see my ski fashion style guide!

First off, try to pink a color scheme and buy everything to match that color scheme! When everything looks uniform and coordinated, you look more like a pro and it is a lot more aesthetically pleasing. I started off with green ski pants with pink and brown polka dots, a dark purple ski jacket with neon yellow and orange detailing, and a white ski jacket with a neon multi-colored pattern on it. They were hand-me-downs, but needless to say, I looked like a kid dressed me in the dark. I decided I needed to invest in my own ski clothes and I decided on a color scheme of black, white, and pink.

I went to Amazon and picked out a black ski bib, a pink and black ski jacket, black and white goggles, a black gaiter, and pink black and white gloves. And all of that only cost me $155. So it’s not like I was breaking the bank having to buy all of these expensive ski clothes!

Left pic: ski clothes that don’t match & don’t fit. Right pic: ski clothes that match AND that fit me properly!

Second, be sure to buy ski clothes that actually fit you and are labeled “womens”. I know you might think that you should size up because you will be layering clothes underneath it, but the clothes are insulated (or at least you should buy the ones that are) and you’ll be exerting force while skiing so you will get sweaty with a thousand layers on. I tried putting warm leggings, sweatpants, and a ski bib on and I almost died of a heat stroke. Plus all of those layers made it hard to move. I bought my ski bib in an XS and my ski jacket in a Small. I wear warm leggings under the bib, 2-3 pairs of socks, a long sleeve t-shirt, a scarf, ski gloves, and my ski jacket and I’m fine! Plus with form-fitted clothes and less layers I look smaller and more feminine. And not like a huge marshmallow!

Third, style your hair and put on makeup! Even though you’ll be wearing a beanie and/or helmet and ski goggles and a gaiter, you can still have your hair loose around your shoulders to let everyone know that you are in fact a woman under all of those thick ski clothes! And having your hair curled, straight and shiny, or in two braids over your ski jacket and under a beanie is just the cutest look ever!!

Before and after putting on makeup and styling my hair 😱

To recap:

  1. Pick a color scheme of 2-3 matching colors and buy everything in those 2-3 colors only! Ex: black, white, and pink. Having too many non-matching colors looks kind of silly.
  2. Only buy/wear clothes that fit you. Don’t size up to add more layers underneath and only buy “womens” clothing so it will be more flattering!
  3. Fix your hair and your makeup! I know you’re going skiing or snowboarding and won’t have a lot of hair or face showing, but fix it up anyways and look like a total babe when you take your goggles or helmet off!

Follow this ski fashion style guide and I promise, you will look and feel good! Even though you might be falling all up and down the mountain, spending most of your time getting back up after a fall (or is that just me?!), if you look cute doing it, it doesn’t make it so bad! 😉
Details:  ski bib ($30)  | ski jacket ($78)  | ski gloves ($18)  | ski goggles ($20)  | gaiter ($9)


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