Skincare to Keep in the Fridge

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I’ve recently been researching the benefits that colder temperatures have on the skin and the body. And let me just say, I’m obsessed. I’ve been washing my face with COLD water instead of warm. I’ve been switching my shower water to freezing cold at the end of my showers. And I’ve been keeping some of my skincare products in the fridge. That’s right, there’s a section in our fridge that holds my skincare. 

There’s just something so magical about going for a run or doing hot yoga, then taking a cold sheet mask out of the fridge and putting it on your face. Like instantly cools you down. My face gets SO red when I workout, especially when I run outside in the Texas heat, so keeping skincare products in the fridge and using them right afterwards feels amazing and helps the redness go away quicker. 

Plus, the cold temperature fights inflammation and will reduce puffiness. So, let’s say you have a photoshoot or a big day coming up, take a hot shower then the last 5 minutes, switch it to cold water and your skin will be less inflamed and puffy. And you can use an ice roller or a jade roller (from the fridge) to contour your face and make it more slim. You can also use a sheet mask or a mud/clay mask out of the fridge to really fight the inflammation and puffiness and get rid of any redness. Your skin will thank you. 

It’s almost like a lose-weight-fast scheme. You take a cold shower and use a cold facemask and you look like you’ve lost 5 pounds! 

Here is a list of skincare to keep in the fridge:

I’m telling you, keeping skincare products in the fridge is a life changer! It will completely change your beauty routine and change the way you look. Think Gigi Hadid cheekbones, Kylie Jenner jaw line, and Heidi Klum legs. 

It’s the same thing as icing a twisted ankle: reduces swelling and helps to heal. Here are some more benefits of cold water/showers/beauty products on your skin:

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Increased level of alertness
  • Increased white blood cell count (better immune system – hello COVID-19)
  • Increased willpower

You can read more about the benefit of cold showers here. The Wim Hof Method talks a lot about cold therapy on the skin and all of the benefits (as seen on The Skinny Confidential). 

So put your skincare in the fridge or buy a cute little pink skincare fridge for your bathroom and see the difference that it will make in your skin, in your mood, in your stress levels, and in your weight loss journey (if you’re on one). You’ll thank me later!



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