Style Guide: All Black Everything

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Hello babes,

I’m here to share my love for all black outfits with you and to hopefully convert you to an all black outfit believer, too. I’m like a Jehova’s witness for black on black outfits. I know you see sarcastic jokes on social media all the time about how “my ‘uniform’ in fall/winter is all black clothing”, but for real, mine actually is. Just peep my Instagram….

There are a few different reasons why black on black outfits are my favorite:

#1: They’re warm. Supposedly, the color black absorbs sunshine. So dark clothing literally is warmer.

#2: Black is very slimming. I’m not sure how it works. I think it’s medical. But, dark clothing makes you look (and even feel) slimmer.

#3: Black compliments every skin tone. You can be the tannest person in the world or the palest, but either way, black will look good with your skin tone. I love how I can wear black fresh after a spray tan or when my skin hasn’t seen the light of day in 3 months and it still looks good. White clothes on the other hand….. I’ll look see-through.

#4: Black clothes hide stains and wrinkles. Wine stain? Can’t see it. Your black sweater was crumpled up at the bottom of a suitcase for two weeks? Spray it with Febreze and no one will ever know. It’s the perfect lazy-girl outfit when you don’t feel like washing clothes or ironing.

Pink Barbie Shoes

There are also so many different ways to style black on black outfits so you can literally wear the exact same black sweater + black jeans combo 100 times but it’s a completely different outfit each time.

Style Option #1: Shoes

  1. You can wear almost any shoe with a black on black outfit: boots, booties, flats, heels, you name it!
  2. You can also wear almost any color shoe with a black on black outfit: pink, red, black, white, tan, yellow, leopard. And my favorite, BROWN! Yep you heard me right. I love wearing a black top with black bottoms and brown boots or booties. I feel so trendy and it’s a nice way to add color to the black on black ensemble without going too crazy. You can see my brown booties paired with an all black outfit below
Brown Booties

Style Option #2: Accessories

  1. Adding a belt will help add a little something extra to the outfit. My favorites are my Leopard belt, my black & gold Gucci belt (fake by the way but looks just like the real thing!), or a Western belt.
  2. Adding a scarf also adds that little something extra to the outfit.
  3. Carrying a brightly colored bag is also fun with an all black outfit. I especially like carrying my small, pink fur shoulder bag!! It makes me feel like a goth princess

Style Option #3: Jewelry

  1. Don’t be afraid to wear your brightest, most statement-making jewelry with your all black outfit. I encourage it. I love pairing the outfit with bright pink Kendra Scott earrings or a turquoise drop necklace if I’m wearing a Western belt. The options are endless and it’s a good time to break out the elaborate jewelry you might not get to wear very often.

Style Option #4: Layering

  1. Vests make a great addition to the look, especially fur vests!
  2. And on really cold days, I add my black turtleneck underneath to give that extra boost of warmth. I’m wearing my turtleneck in the photo above!
  3. Jackets and cardigans are also great to add warmth and color to the outfit.

Style Option #5: Fabric

  1. Fur is a GREAT way to mix up the all-black look. Whether it be black fur or pink fur (like in my snapchat selfie), fur is so fun and always goes with black.
  2. Leather is also fun to mix in. I love my leather leggings or a black leather jacket!
  3. Sequins is also a fun and exciting addition to an all black outfit. And sequins are always just fun in general.
Pink (Faux) Fur Coat

I’m sure you can catch me wearing all black at least 3 times out of the week. It’s easy, it’s warm, it’s flattering, and black makes up 50% of my wardrobe. Most of my swimsuits are black also. I think black might be my favorite color?!

I hope this blog post and all of my photos over the last few years has inspired you to wear my black and join my army! Did I miss any good black on black style options?!

Details: Bags Under My Eyes Sweatshirt  | Pink Fur Coat  | Leather Leggings  | Brown Booties  | Pink Barbie Heels  | Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace  | Black Sweater  | Black Turtleneck


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