Summer Sandals

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Hoarding summer sandals isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. I mean sandals get dirty in the summer, whether we like it or not. There’s not a lot of protection between your feet and the outside world. So that’s why, in my professional opinion, it’s important to have a big selection of summer sandals to choose from in case one pair goes to your nephew’s soccer game and gets covered in mud. 

So let’s talk about what a typical summer sandal collection should look like. 

1. The classic Tory Burch Miller Sandal. Mine are looking pretty rough because I literally wear them every day. They are the perfect staple and I would highly recommend investing in a pair. I have the brown ones but I’m saving up for the tan and maybe a print also. They go with just about every outfit imaginable. 

2. The Steve Madden Travel Tan strappy studded sandals. These are extremely popular right now, therefore they are on backorder a lot. Mine were, I had to wait about a month to get them delivered, but when they arrived I realized why they are so popular. They are extremely comfortable! The foot pad is fluffy and like memory foam almost so they are great standing shoes. Plus the strap goes around the ankle so nothing is rubbing between your toes and you don’t have to “break them in”. Also love the clear pair! 

3. Mules and slides. I have these two “H” sandals from Target; one gold and one snakeskin. They are the Hermes look-for-less, but equally as cute and only a fraction of the price. Only $20! I wear these a lot with summer dresses or shorts and a t-shirt. They can easily dress an outfit up or down. With summer dresses, they downplay the dress and make it look more casual and summery. And with shorts and a t-shirt, they make the outfit more trendy and not-as-casual. Does that make sense? Haha! 

4. The Casual Buckle Sandals. I have the white buckle sandals from Target. They are super comfortable and perfect for any outfit, especially if you are running out of the door. I find myself wearing these the most with denim shorts. They’re casual but still cute and trendy, so when you’re not feeling like dressing up, these are perfect for the “effortlessly trendy” look. 

5. The Studded Bow Flip Flops. These are a Valentino look-for-less that I found on Amazon. Only $20 also! I wear these a lot with maxi dresses or with beach/boat looks. They’re perfect for maxi dresses because your toes are really the only part of your feet that show and the cute studded bow sticking out is just the cutest little surprise. And when I’m at the beach or hanging out on the lake/river, they’re jelly flip flops and won’t get ruined by sand or water. Easy to clean, you know? But also way cuter than just plain jelly flip flops. 

6. Okay, I have to mention Chaco’s in my list of best summer sandals… I love hiking and exploring and floating the river and doing all kinds of outdoorsy things and so I need a good pair of adventure sandals that I won’t slip out of or break if I step down too hard. I have been in love with Chaco sandals since college. They have the hard, “rough terrain” bottoms that grip rocks and wet ground easily. Plus the thick straps keep them on your feet and won’t slip off or break if you step in mud or slide off of a wet rock. And they are very strong and tough so they are almost impossible to break or damage if you’re being super adventurous. If you are an outdoorsy, camping-loving, river-floating, hiking enthusiast woman like me, you should definitely get yourself a pair of Chaco’s for your next summer adventure. 

7. Of course it wouldn’t be a summer sandal list without some espadrilles. The ones I have are more platforms instead of heels so they’re really comfortable to stand in. I have a leopard pair and a black pair that I wear ALL THE TIME. Like I said, they’re platform so it’s like standing flat-footed just a few inches taller! 

I think that just about does it for my summer sandal list! Did I leave anything off? 



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