The Best Moving Tips

Hi friends! I recently helped my mom and step dad move into their new home and it got me thinking about all of my moves in the past (there have been a lot) and the best moving tips that I have learned over the many years and many moves.  Some background:  My first move was […]

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Flat Stomach Tips

Let me start off by saying my stomach definitely isn’t the flattest and I don’t have a six pack by any means, but peep my before and after photo below to see how much flatter my stomach did get when I made some changes! I was constantly, extremely bloated and even when I sucked in, […]

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Style Guide: All Black Everything

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello babes, I’m here to share my love for all black outfits with you and to hopefully convert you to an all black outfit believer, too. I’m like a Jehova’s witness for black on black outfits. I know you see sarcastic jokes on social media all the time about how […]

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