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Home Organization Products! Since we're spending so much time at home in quarantine, it's time to organize, organize, organize #stayhome #organization #stayathome #home #homeorganization #organize #blog #blogpost #organizationblog #homedecor #decor #baskets #pantryorganization #beauty #beautyorganization #bathroomorganization #fridgeorganization #garageorganization #thecontainerstore

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Have y’all watched that show yet? Tiger King? Omg… go watch it right after reading this post if you haven’t yet! Anyways, now that we’re all sitting at home, spending A LOT of time here, have you noticed all of the cluttered spaces that seem impossible to organize? […]

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How To Organize Your Closet

Today I want to talk about how to organize your closet and be able to create 10x more outfits from what you already own. On Sunday, I went over to my mom’s house for Family Dinner and while I was there I ended up completely re-organizing her closet. It started with my mom asking me […]

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How to Paint Cabinets That Have Already Been Painted

This is exactly how to paint cabinets that have already been painted before! How to strip the paint, sand, and then repaint to get white and evenly coated #homeimprovement #DIY #whitecabinets #paintedcabinets #whitekitchencabinets #whitekitchen #paintkitchencabinets

Hey girl hey! So if you have been following along with my New Home, Who Dis? Series, or follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that the house that my boyfriend and I bought came equipped with already-painted white kitchen cabinets. Sounds like a dream right? Something that I can check off our kitchen […]

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Spring Cleaning List

Well folks, it’s that time of year again: Spring cleaning! Part of me wants to groan and roll my eyes and the other, more OCD part of me is super excited. The work itself isn’t very enjoyable, but the result is definitely worth it. And my Spring cleaning to-do list always consists of a few […]

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New Home Who Dis Series: 5 Easy Ways to Update Your House

I know that renovating a house can seem like a very daunting task and can be very intimidating. And most of the time, renovating the whole house budget-wise is impossible. But no need to fear, Kelsie’s broke-a** is here! I’m here to share with you 5 easy ways to update your house and give it […]

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New Home Who Dis Series: Bathroom Sink Organization

Sooo I moved into my boyfriend’s house with him over the weekend. Like officially moved in with him. And, poor thing, he was terrified when he saw me unpacking my several bags of clothes, shoes, beauty products, handbags, accessories, makeup, hair styling tools… He had never seen so much sh*t in his life haha! So, […]

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How to Declutter for the New Year

I always think it’s a great idea to do some major decluttering in your life at the beginning of each year. And I’m not just talking about cleaning our your room. I’m talking a complete purge of your entire house, your phone, your computer, your brain. Everything! Leave that ish in 2018. “Have nothing in […]

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New Home, Who Dis Series: First 3 Things To Do When Moving

Last week, I introduced my new home makeover blog series “New Home, Who Dis?” and I knew that the first post in the series should be about the first things to do once you get the keys to your “New Home, Who Dis?”! Usually when you move into a new house, the first thing you […]

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