February Beauty Favorites

Does anyone else get super excited about new beauty products?! Every time I find a new blogger/vlogger I always try to find their beauty routine and peep all their products! I’m a beauty stalker… But anywho, I went on a impromptu beauty haul two weeks ago and bought all of these new products that I’ve […]

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Full Skincare Routine

Good morning you bad betches and happy Tuesday! I’m sharing my FULL morning and night skincare routines today! Grab a diet coke and some popcorn because this post is longgggg. I just recently developed a skincare routine… at 26 years old. Growing up I never had blemishes or any skin issues so I just always […]

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TULA Skincare Haul

Good morning babes! You all know the term “quarter life crisis”, right? Well…  I finally had my QLF and it actually was very beneficial. Let me begin by saying, I have never had a skincare routine. Pause for reaction. I’ve never had acne-prone skin. I mean I would get the hey-your-period-is-starting-tomorrow blemishes but that was […]

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