Vegetarian Lasagna

With the Stay-At-Home Order going on right now, we have been eating a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals in our house lately. We aren’t going to the grocery store so we aren’t re-stocking our fridge with meat, plus we just feel better physically when we eat vegetables, fruit, and grains only. No bloating, healthier […]

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Meatless Monday: Vegetable Pot Pie

Happy Meatless Monday! Over the weekend I tried an alternative to Chicken Pot Pie, but without any meat or dairy products to fit into my vegan/plant-based diet. And the Vegetable Pot Pie turned out AHHH-MAZING!! Omg y’all it was so good, even the meat-eating boyfriend ate it all, including all of the leftovers, leaving me […]

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Meatless Monday: Tomato Caper and Artichoke Pasta

Happy (Meatless) Monday everyone! Today I’m sharing my absolute FAVORITE recipe in the whole world. My mom used to have this tomato, caper, and artichoke pasta waiting for me when I came back from college. It’s seriously so amazing, it’s healthy, it’s meatless, AND it is super easy/quick to make!! I’m talking under 15 minutes […]

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