6 Work From Home Tips

Let me start off by saying, I personally love working from home. I get twice as much work done, it saves me a lot of money, and it’s just really zen and peaceful. But, I know not everyone has a peaceful work from home situation like I do. So, I’m here to share some work […]

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Productivity Tips and Tricks

Staying productive is not an easy thing to accomplish all day every day. Sometimes I’ll have productivity streaks where I’ll be super productive for a few hours and then skrrrt, not doing shit for the rest of the day. NOT GOOD. So I’ve put together my master list of productivity tips and tricks to help […]

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Back To School Clothes – But Like, For Adults?

Channeling my inner Romy and Michele: “Do you have some sort of business women special?”. Raise your hand if you read that in her deep voice?! Back to school clothes shopping doesn’t just have to be for the kiddos. This time of year signifies so many different things: the end of summer, beginning of fall, […]

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How to Wear Denim to Work

I am all about wearing jeans to work, y’all! Every company I have worked for so far has had a business casual dress code, heavy on the casual. Meaning, jeans every day. Sometimes the occasional dress if it’s warm enough! But I seriously wear denim almost every day to work without looking too casual so […]

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Fashion Staples for Work

Hi friends! I’m sure everyone knows by now that my full time career is in marketing, working in downtown Houston, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. So my fun “blogging” clothes don’t always line up with my business-casual work dress code. So I actually have a lot of clothes in my office that you don’t […]

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