Thanksgiving Look

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Happy Friday loves! Today I am sharing a quick post about the Thanksgiving outfit that I will be wearing to see my family this year!

Deciding what to wear for a family holiday event can be very stressful. Especially, if your family is very southern/conservative. The women in my family are more trendy (and the men really don’t care what we wear), but I do have some grandparents that will make snide comments if my necklace is too flashy or my top is too snug. I wore jeans with holes in the knees one year and I thought my grandpa was going to hold me down to “sew up my britches”!

Of course, celebrating Thanksgiving with friends is a great way to bust out your favorite new outfit you’ve been dying to wear. And hey, even a lot of families like to treat the holidays as a fashion show. But when it comes to my family, I like to always dress stylish but also in a way to avoid my grandparents not being able to enjoy their time because they just can’t get over my jeans being too tight.

Some non-confrontational outfit tips: don’t wear jeans with holes in them, don’t wear a dress/skirt that is too short, don’t wear anything that is unflattering (grandparents still want you to dress nice for them and not like a “slob”), don’t wear anything that is too tight (old people lose their filter after a while and the grouchier ones tend to mention if you’ve gained weight). Still dress nice and stylish, but just tone it down!

I tend to always wear a sweater and either a cute skirt or a nice pair of black jeans. I am the only girl out of my cousins/brother so they will typically start a game of touch football before we eat and of course I always want to play, too. And it is hard to play in a dress!

You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of black jeans, a cute belt, and a comfy but still flattering sweater. And this year I am all about the bell/ruffle sleeves! There’s just something about this style of top that makes it look way more fancy and as if you put in so much extra effort, but really they’re just sleeves… #loveit 

Jewelry and makeup I like to keep it simple but also flattering. I’m just wearing my Michaels Kors gold watch that was a birthday gift (family members love seeing you wear their gifts), a small gold Tory Burch bangle bracelet, a small gold and silver Kendra Scott bangle bracelet, my David Yurman graduation ring, and a simple gold monogram necklace (not pictured).

Outfit Details: top, similar  |  jeans  |  belt, knockoff only $24  |  booties  |  ring  |  watch  |  gold bangle  |  gold and silver bangle

I think the holidays are a time to really express yourself, wether that be through fashion that you don’t normally wear on a day-to-day basis, through telling stories with your family, or just expressing your love for your family and friends. I think dressing up for a holiday event is a great way to show your family that you respect them and are glad that you get to see them. Don’t get me wrong, wearing sweatpants, no makeup, hair in a messy bun would be a phenomenal way to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, but I want my family members that I don’t get to see that often to remember me dressed nicely 😉

Are there any other family-friendly outfit tips that I am missing? I love hearing from you all!


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