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Hello, hello! I first bought Tula skincare products almost two years ago. As a beauty blogger, I consider myself a human guinea pig so I went all out and bought a ton of Tula products. You can see everything I originally bought on this post. I mean go big or go home right? 

Let me just say, the first MONTH after using the Tula products regularly, I saw a HUGE difference (read: improvement). My dark circles weren’t so dark anymore. The laugh line in the corner of my mouth diminished. I didn’t think my skin looked super dull before the products, but after looking at the before/after pictures, it’s a heck of a lot brighter and lively looking. I can continue this list but there’s proof in the pudding right? 

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One Month Before-After

So, two years late, what Tula skincare products am I still using? All of them, and then some. 

Purifying Face Cleanser – this works wonders on my face. Usually cleansers will make me super red, irritated, and like I just scrubbed my face with sandpaper. But this Tula cleanser is super gentle and leaves me feeling right as rain. Not to mention, there are probiotics in the cleanser so my face is getting nourished while also removing dirt and impurities. 

Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel toner – When I’m doing any kind of skincare, I never feel like it’s complete without this toner. I use this right after I wash my face or after I take a shower to help balance the pH in my skin so it stays healthy. Oftentimes, when you use a cleanser it will strip the “good” bacteria or the “good” acid from your face, so this toner helps to return that good bacteria and acid so that your skin is balanced and not dried out, over-exposed, or left bare. This toner has also really helped to brighten my skin and make me look more alive. 

Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum – this is a game changer in the morning. There is a cooling metal tip on the applicator part that helps reduce puffiness and under eye bags. Plus it is made with probiotic technologies so your under eyes are super healthy and happy. After I apply with the metal tip, I massage the product into my skin under my eyes, up around the side over the crows feet area and then over my eyelids. 

Revitalizing Eye Cream – I keep this baby in the fridge and use it at night under and around my eyes and sometimes on my forehead. Something about the coldness of it helps depuff and soothe. Plus this is filled with probiotics and nutrients so it helps reduce fine lines and helps nourish the under eye skin keeping it healthy and youthful. If fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes are a big concern for you, I would use this morning and night. I saw a huge difference just using it at night, so twice a day would be major. 

Hydrating Day & Night Cream – this is my daytime moisturizer. I use this with my morning skincare routine because my skin just soaks it all up like a sponge and it doesn’t leave my face looking like an oil factory all day underneath my makeup. The description on the jar of this moisturizer reads, “delivers deep hydration and antioxidant protection for supple, youthful skin. Probiotics and skin superfoods improve skin’s moisture barrier, resulting in an even-toned, radiant complexion”. So I would definitely credit this moisturizer to my skin looking more firm, hydrated, brighter/even-toned, and more supple. 

*Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (NEW PRODUCT) – already in love with this. I’ve been looking for a new face sunscreen and this is the best. Not only does it help protect from sunlight, it also helps protect from BLUE LIGHT! I sit in front of my computer all day for work so I’ve been needing something to help protect from the screen abuse. It has UVA and UVB protection. Plus it also has probiotics to “hydrate and prevent water loss while strengthening the skin barrier”. There is also pineapple and papaya to promote even skintone and wild butterfly ginger root to protect against blue light stress. It smells absolutely amazing and doesn’t go on white so it can be used with or without makeup and not make you look like a geisha. 

*Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm (NEW PRODUCT) – I’m sure you’ve seen this all over instagram and beauty blogs, but that’s because this is actually the tits. I used it for the first time while I was getting ready for my mom’s wedding and they aren’t lying when they say “cooling”. OMG it felt like little ice packs under my eyes it was heaven. Helps fight puffiness and reduce under-eye circles/bags. Plus it has a highlighter effect so it’s great under and over makeup. I also put some on my collar bones and on my shoulders for some extra shimmer and highlighting. So good. 

Plus Tula is a cruelty free brand, which we love. It is also a woman-founded company, by an entrepreneur, medical editor, author, mom, health correspondent, and a Harvard & New York University graduate. Total badass boss babe and I think we can all get behind that. 

So this is my update on all of the Tula skincare products that I have purchased and what I think about them all. Still using all of them plus adding new ones to my collection. They just smell so good and clean and everything is so gentle but still super effective.

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