What I’m Packing for Nashville

What I'm Packing for Nashville for a bachelorette party weekend! #nashville #tn #bachelorette #bacheloretteparty #travel #fashion #style #NashvilleTN #NashvilleTennessee #Tennessee #GirlsTrip #GirlsWeekend #travelblog #travelblogger
What I'm Packing for Nashville for a bachelorette party weekend! #nashville #tn #bachelorette #bacheloretteparty #travel #fashion #style #NashvilleTN #NashvilleTennessee #Tennessee #GirlsTrip #GirlsWeekend #travelblog #travelblogger
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My best friend is getting married and we are having her bachelorette party in Nashville, Tennessee! Not only will this be my first real trip to Nashville, but it will also be my first real bachelorette party experience! So I’m super excited and I’m probably going to pack my entire closet so that I’ll be prepared for whatever the weekend has in store for us. So here is what I’m packing for Nashville for the bachelorette party! 

The maid of honor has planned a lot of activities for us including a beer bike, a bar crawl, a party bus, dinner, and a few trips to Broadway. I’ve spent the last seven years in Downtown Austin so the bar hopping on Broadway won’t be anything too foreign for me, but the whole bachelorette aspect will be! For the beer bike and Broadway Round 1, we will be wearing a pink top of our choice and paired with denim bottoms and the bride will be wearing a white top with denim bottoms. For the bar crawl, we will be wearing matching shirts, denim shorts, and comfy walking shoes. And for the party bus, dinner, and Broadway Round 2, we’ll be wearing all black and dressed fancier while the bride wears all white or all pink! I’ll also have two plane rides to dress for, and maybe a brunch or lunch on Sunday also. 

So for the plane ride to Nashville, my flight is super early in the morning and I’ll be landing at around 9am. It’s supposed to rain in Nashville on Friday and the high for the whole weekend is supposed to be 87, which is much cooler than it is here in Houston, haha! So I’m planning on wearing jeans, a cami, a cardigan sweater, my leopard sneakers, and a fedora. I’m usually always cold on flights so that’s why I like wearing camis and a cardigan so I can take the cardigan off if I’m hot or leave it on if I’m cold. I also like wearing comfy shoes because I’m always running late so I’ll most likely be running through the airport… haha! 

For Friday night (beer bike and Broadway Round 1), I’m packing my hot pink off-the-shoulder top and denim shorts. I’m not sure if the beer bike will require sneakers or if I’ll be able to wear heels… but I’m packing both in case! I’m going to pack my Adidas black and gold sneakers and my leopard Steve Madden heels

I’m going to pack my two-piece leopard pajama set to sleep in both nights. And of course I’ll be packing underwear, socks, a t-shirt bra, my breast petals (pasties basically), and my sticky boobs. I might even pack a swimsuit just in case there’s a pool or hot tub at the AirBnB…? Just in case? 

For Saturday morning breakfast/brunch/lunch/whatever we have planned, I’m going to pack a few different outfits just to be safe. I’m not sure if we’ll just be hanging out at the AirBnB or if we’ll be going out to lunch somewhere… So I’m going to pack a cute dress and a few top options. 

For the Saturday bar crawl, we have matching tops that we’re all going to wear and we have to wear denim with the matching t-shirts also so I’m going to wear the denim shorts that I packed for Friday or I’ll wear my ripped jeans, depends on the weather. I also want to wear my leopard platform espadrilles because they are comfy to walk in and they’re cute to have a bar crawl in! 

And for Saturday night, we’ll be going on the party bus, to a fancy dinner, and to Broadway Round 2 so I’ll need to wear something fancier and it has to be all black. So I’m going to pack my black lace tie top, my high waist black jeans, high waist black shorts, black leather skirt, my velvet black dress, and my low-cut black romper. I’m also going to pack a couple different shoe options to match whatever outfit I decide on: leopard heels, hot pink heels, over-the-knee black boots, and beige heels. I’ve never been to Nashville or Broadway and I’ve never been to a legit bachelorette party, so I’m not sure what the appropriate dress code will be. So I’ll probably just put on a fashion show for the girls and see what the consensus outfit is. 

My flight home isn’t until 5pm so I’ll probably go to brunch or lunch with the remaining girls who have later flights also. So I’m packing another cute dress to wear or maybe I’ll wear some of the other tops that I brought for Saturday morning. 

Another item that I’m packing for Nashville is a fanny pack! For the beer bike and the bar crawl, it’s going to be kind of annoying to carry around a purse all day so I’m just going to bring a fanny pack and keep my arms free for booze 😉

So that is what I’m packing for Nashville! Of course I’ll be bringing jewelry and toiletries and my usual packing necessities. I’ll also be enjoying a nice mimosa on the way over to the airport in the morning to calm my nerves. I haven’t seen these girls in about a year at least so I’m really excited to see them plus I’m also really excited to go to Nashville for the first time and go to my first legit bachelorette party! And I’ve only flown by myself once before, so I’ll be a little nervous trying to navigate the airports that I’ve never been to before. So I can use all the relaxation tactics I can get! 

Am I missing anything crucial that I should be packing for Nashville or a bachelorette party?!

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