Where to Buy Affordable Fashion

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If you were given $1,000 would you rather buy one or two pricier items or redo your wardrobe with a ton of inexpensive, affordable items? I honestly could go either way, but I would be afraid to drop $1,000 on one item versus easily spend $1,000 on several items. Am I crazy?? But, with that said, I’m sharing where to buy affordable fashion! 

There are many different reasons to buy affordable fashion. When the pandemic started, my company put a work from home policy in place and so my wardrobe of appropriate business casual jeans and tops weren’t getting any use. I was wearing the same pair of leggings and ugly old college t-shirts every day instead. 

So, over the past year I have been changing my wardrobe. And I am not one to spend hundreds of dollars on one or two tops. Buying a top that costs more than $60 just seems ridiculous to me and my budget. Instead, for $60 I could buy around 3-6 affordable tops, giving me more outfit options. 

So here are some of the places that I like to shop for affordable fashion:

SHEIN – they have loungewear sets for $11! And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on their site for more than $40. I have bought SEVERAL pieces from SHEIN. Oftentimes I’ll see something on Instagram or LIKEtoKNOW.it and it will be pretty pricey. So Instead I’ll go to SHEIN and search for similar pieces and I’ll almost always have luck and be able to recreate the same look for a fraction of the price. 

Some affordable fashion I’ve bought from SHEIN lately include:

Plaid Shacket

Corduroy Shacket

Basic layering tank tops (I got black and white)

Cotton lounge shorts (I got khaki and white)

Loungewear sets

AMAZON – surprise, surprise… If you have Amazon Prime, you know how much you can get from Amazon for affordable prices and have them delivered for free within two days. Same goes for fashion. Now be warned, the Amazon Fashion section is actually pretty pricey (like $300 for one top?? No thank you). But you can search for things like oversized t-shirts, leggings, shackets, crop tops, workout clothes, cute tops, swimsuits, hats, jewelry, etc. and find great affordable options. Just be sure to read the reviews and see what other people are saying about the items!

Some affordable fashion I’ve bought from Amazon lately include:



Cropped hoodie

Spring/Summer dresses

My favorite bohemian hat

Leopard cardigan sweater


ETSY – I’m talking about jewelry and designer-inspired items. Pretty much all of my necklaces come from Etsy. Plus I have a lot of designer-inspired items as well. Why would I spend $400 on a Gucci belt when I can find a designer-inspired belt for $60? Plus I am supporting small businesses as well! Some things that I look for on Etsy are gold necklaces, rings, oversized sweatshirts, vintage t-shirts, designer-inspired bags, designer-inspired belts, designer-inspired clothes. Etsy never disappoints. 

Some affordable fashion I’ve bought from Etsy lately include:

Designer-Inspired Gucci t-shirt

Designer-Inspired Saint Laurent oversized sweatshirt

Gold sun + moon layering necklace

Gold evil eye layering necklace

Anthro-Dupe Gold “K” necklace

Gold third eye layering necklace

Designer-Inspired GG belt

H&M – this is where I buy a lot of my basic, layering stuff. Plain t-shirts, plain v-necks, tank tops, crop tops, sweaters, etc. Just remember to always size up! Their stuff runs a few sizes small so read the sizing chart for each item. 

Some affordable fashion I’ve bought from H&M lately include:

Workout tops

Black sweater

TARGET – no surprise here either. Target has a lot of great affordable fashion options as well. Definitely not the most affordable on this list but still has a lot of great pieces for affordable prices. Shoes, bags, jeans, loungewear, sweaters, tops, etc. I’ve found tops for $7 at Target, but I’ve also found tops for $40+ at Target, so you have to really look around and be choosey. 

Some affordable fashion that I have my eye on at Target include:

Spring Boho Dress

Straight Leg Jeans

Tie-Dye Oversized Loungewear

EBAY – pre-loved designer bags and accessories are the BOMB! My Louis Vuitton bags and tiny old ass Chanel bag all came from eBay. I still can’t work up the courage to drop $1,500 on my dream Neverfull LV bag, so in the meantime, I am buying my pre-loved designer bags from eBay for less. Granted, they’re still a few hundred bucks but paying $700 for a Louis is often better than paying $1,500. My tips for shopping designer on eBay are 1.) look for the listings that are “buy now” or non-bidding and act fast. Usually, when people start bidding on things, the price will go wayyyy up but you can buy stuff at the buy now price instead and not have to bid. 2.) Make sure there are a lot of photos of the item and you read up on the seller. eBay works really hard to prevent scams and have a money-back guarantee in place but making sure there are a lot of photos of the item and the seller has good reviews will usually be a good deal. You can also see the wear and tear in the photos so you know what you are paying for. Personally, wear and tear doesn’t bother me, I think that’s the sign of an authentic bag versus if a bag was pristine and spotless for the same price it’s probably a fake or stolen… 3.) Make sure you see the authenticity tag/number. Credible sellers will include the tag # in one of the photos but don’t be afraid to ask for a photo of it if they did not include it. 4.) Pay with PayPal if you are nervous about a scam (if the seller accepts PayPal). Ebay is really good about preventing scams but PayPal takes it another step further and cancels the transaction after 10 days if the seller does not accept from their PayPal account and it’s just your email instead of your credit card info. 

Some affordable fashion I would buy from eBay right now include:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

Gucci Soho Disco Crossbody

Gucci Marmont Crossbody

Chanel Quilted Crossbody

Yves Saint Laurant Crossbody

*P.s. Type in what kind of bag/designer you are wanting and look through all of the good/safe/authentic options! There are some GEMS on eBay!!

Happy affordable fashion shopping my friends! I hope this post was helpful and feel free to come back and reference in the future! 


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