Where to Find Inexpensive Coffee Table Books

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Decorating with coffee tables books is such a blessing. Have an empty space in your home? Coffee table books! Have a candle or picture frame that aren’t tall enough? Coffee table books! They really are a when-in-doubt go to interior design staple. However, the price of these coffee table books can really add up, plus some really cute are so expensive! I don’t want to spend $50+ on a book that will sit on my coffee table and will likely never be read! So I had to get resourceful and find some that wouldn’t break the bank but were still aesthetically pleasing!

Here are some quick tips when it comes to picking out the right coffee table books for your space:

  1. Color scheme – if your house is decorated in blue and white, try to find books that incorporate both of those colors. If your house has a lot of pinks and mixed metals, go for black, white, or pink books with metallic lettering.
  2. They don’t have to be “fashion” books – I know you see all of the Chanel and Dior fashion books on bloggers’ coffee tables but trust me, you can stray away from the fashion designer books and use books that just have an amazing cover!
  3. Judge the book by it’s cover – look for books with beautiful patterns and colors on their covers that will look great in your space. Since no one is going to actually be reading these books, it’s okay if the book is about homesteading in 1862, just as long as the cover is pretty!
  4. Choose books related to the space – for instance, I wouldn’t put a bunch of Harper’s Bazaar Cover Models and Fashion Before and After 1971 books in my boyfriend’s man-cave. In this case, I would choose the Homesteading in 1862 book along with other “manly” books such as cars or grilling or tools.

Now where to find these books? I have one word for you: USED! Every time I go to Half-Priced Books I always go to the arts/fashion section and look for books with pretty covers or if they have any good fashion books. I’ve managed to score some REALLY good coffee table books from Half-Price Books and it has saved my interior design and my bank account!

Other places to find good, inexpensive coffee table books would be Amazon, T.J. Maxx,  and AbeBooks.com. AbeBooks.com is a great place to find books for a fraction of the price. I’m talking $2.99. The trick is, you have to have the book you want already in mind. Unfortunately, they don’t have “categories” from you to choose from so you’ll have to find the book, maybe on a blog or from Pinterest, then you’ll have to search for the book on AbeBooks.com. For instance, I found an article about 29 of the best coffee table books and then I looked up the books listed on there. The first book listed was Dior by Assouline listed for $75. I searched for it in AbeBooks.com and found some for $6.69…. *high-fives myself*

Amazon and T.J. Maxx also have great books to decorate with that won’t have you living off of ramen for two weeks! And you can always search those books on AbeBooks.com to see if you can find those for even less!

I hope this post was helpful to those of you out there looking to update your space but not wanting to break the bank. I’m all about luxury for less and these inexpensive coffee table book finds are helping me achieve that! Ain’t nobody gotta know that they were only $6 😉

Happy hunting my friends!

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