Where to Find the Best Inexpensive Ski Clothes

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I’m sure you all know by now that I finally went skiing/snowboarding for the first time, at the age of 26. So I’m sure you can imagine how ill prepared I was for the trip. I was having to buy all of this stuff all at one time, plus pay for the trip itself. And that can really add up!! Since I am #BallinOnABudget, I needed to find the cheapest most inexpensive ski clothes and equipment that’s also great quality so I won’t freeze! But where?!

Amazon, my friends. Amazon is the answer. I was so shocked to see the abundance of ski clothes and everything that I needed. Of course, I researched some of the clothes and equipment listed by reading the reviews, looking at the pictures that people have posted of themselves wearing the ski clothes, etc. Some of the items had over 2,000 good reviews.

And, in true “fashion blogger” style, I was going for a very particular look while picking out my ski clothes as well. My boyfriend kind of scrounged-up some of his sisters’ ski clothes for me to use, but in all honesty, it wasn’t my style. Plus nothing that he grabbed for me matched. He made the point, “you’re just going to be skiing on a freezing mountain, it doesn’t matter what you look like”. Oh trust me, it matters! Maybe if I was an excellent skier or snowboarder I could wear mismatch clothes (I’m talking green pants with pink and brown polka dots with a bright neon yellow and turquoise jacket), but I have never skied or snowboarded before, so if I’m going to be falling down every few seconds, making a complete fool out of myself, I at least want to feel confident that I’ll look cute doing it. Does that make sense? Ha!

The look I was going for was black, white, and pink. And I wanted everything to be form-fitting so I won’t look like a giant marshmallow on the mountain. And boy did Amazon deliver (no pun intended). I ordered a black ski bib, a pink and black ski jacket, white, black and pink ski gloves, black and white mirrored goggles, and a black nose and mouth mask. Here’s a break down of everything I ordered:

1. Womens black ski overall bib that is insulated and waterproof. 4.5 star rating and over 2,200 reviews. Size XS. Only $30!!!! Since I’ve never skied before, I knew I was going to be falling down a lot, so I needed something waterproof and something high enough on my body so the snow won’t get inside of the pants and freeze my tush.

2. Pink and black womens waterproof windproof insulated ski jacket. 4.5 star rating with over 2,500 reviews. Size Small. Only $78!!!! It’s technically the “rose red” color, which just means pink. This jacket is lined with faux fur on the inside so it’s extremely warm. Plus it has the thumb holes at the bottom of the sleeve so the sleeves won’t ride up! It also has the band at the bottom of the coat that snaps together to act like a barrier between my skin and any rogue snow when I fall down. And to top it all off, it’s not too bulky so I still look cute and feminine when wearing it!

3. Pink, white, and black ski gloves. Also waterproof and insulated, plus they snap together so I won’t lose one and I can snap them onto my jacket so I won’t lose them both. 4 star rating and 359 reviews. Only $18!!! I think I accidentally ordered the medium gloves instead of the small… So they’re kind of loose on my fingers, which apparently can be tricky when skiing because I’ll need agile fingers to snap the skis on and stuff. But they’re super warm inside so whatever!

4. White and black ski goggles with mirrored, UV protection, anti-fog lenses. 4.5 star rating with over 500 reviews. And only $20!!! I ordered the “A-VLT 11% White Frame Silver Lens”. They are “one size fits most” but they are actually small enough to fit on my face and don’t make me look like a bug (I have a hard time buying sunglasses because of that). But these are perfect, I’m so obsessed with them! I feel like a total bad azz b*tch when I have them on! Haha

5. Fleece neck gaiter warmer face mask. 4.5 star rating and over 150 reviews. Only $9!!! For those of you who don’t know what a “gaiter” is, it’s this little scarf-like thing that goes around your neck and you pull it up over your chin, mouth, and nose to help protect your face from windburn and to protect your lips from getting chapped. And to keep your little nose warm. Apparently these are a must-have, according to my boyfriend. I ordered the “dark blue” color because they don’t offer black ones but this dark blue looks pretty blacky to me!

6. I also ordered a flask because I’ll need some liquid courage while I make a fool out of myself falling all over the mountain. It is 8oz, only $10, and it comes with a funnel!

Everything else I’m either renting while I’m there or I already have. For instance, I’m renting the helmet and the skis or snowboard while I’m there. And I already have some thick socks and leggings to go under the bib, long sleeve t shirts or pullovers to wear under the ski jacket, plus plenty of scarves and beanies and regular gloves. Check my post on everything that I packed for the trip here!

I’m so excited for this trip, mostly because I found everything I needed for pretty cheap on Amazon and I have Prime so it only took 2 days to ship everything! For anyone out there needing new ski or snowboarding clothes or equipment, you should definitely check out Amazon. Overall, I only spent $155 on EVERYTHING! Most other places the ski jacket alone is almost $200.

Happy ski clothes hunting and stay warm my loves!!


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