Where to Find the Best Swimsuits

where to find the best swimsuits for the best prices - every style of bikini and swimsuit you are looking for #swimwear #bikini #swimsuits #beach
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Everyone knows that finding the perfect swimsuit can be very difficult. And after Victoria’s Secret’s traumatizing 2016 announcement of no longer selling swimsuits, finding the perfect swimsuit got even that much harder. Sure, you can buy some through a boutique but that’ll cost you hundreds of dollars. Or you can order some online and pray that they fit correctly. But if you’re like me and have surgically-enhanced breasts but still tiny everything else, it most likely won’t fit correctly! So what can we do? Where can we find the best swimsuits? Well I’ve tried several different shops and online stores and I’ve rounded up where to find the best swimsuits!

Victoria’s Secret has started to sell swimsuits again, but in my opinion, they’re not the best… Most of them are other brands and not the actual Victoria’s Secret line. I used to love Victoria’s Secret’s swimsuits because you can buy them in separate pieces. So I could get a larger size for my fake boobs and small bottoms for my white-girl hiney. Haha! But now a lot of the online swimsuit shops come in two-piece sets so I have to either deal with a tiny bikini top that will most likely show a nipple or I have to wear baggy bottoms… I’m sure y’all can guess which options I always take 😉

So I’ve done some research on where to find the best swimsuits and for the best price. I always try to keep your wallet in mind! I’ve ordered swimsuits from Amazon, from Target, from Zaful, and several other online stores and I’ve narrowed down my favorites!

where to find the best swimsuits for the best prices - every style of bikini and swimsuit you are looking for #swimwear #bikini #swimsuits #beach
where to find the best swimsuits for the best prices - every style of bikini and swimsuit you are looking for #swimwear #bikini #swimsuits #beach

1. Zaful.com – this site changed my life! I’m talking $12 full set bikinis… TWELVE DOLLARS FOR THE WHOLE SWIMSUIT! At VS I was lucky to get a full suit for under $100… I love how Zaful has the classic string bikinis and other classic swimsuits, but they also have the new, trendy bikinis that you see all of the IG influencers wearing. I picked up some classic string bikinis as well as some trendy, bold swimsuits. Some of the swimsuits didn’t fit me correctly but they have a free 30-day return and exchange policy so I just sent them back easy-peasy. My absolute favorite swimsuit right now is the yellow smocked bikini, and my second favorite is the black “scrunch butt” bikini (lol at that name).

I was really not expecting the yellow smocked bikini to be my favorite because I never wear yellow but when I tried it on, it made me look SO tan!! And I always get about a million compliments when I wear this bikini. And the black scrunch butt bikini is so dang cute on also. They both have the sporty bandeau-style tops, (with straps of course! My boobs would constantly be out if not) which I love because the classic triangle tops just make my boobs looks so massive and the bandeau tops keeps everything nice and tucked away while still showing some cleavage at the top. Perfect for ample-breasted women who don’t want to look like they’re in a strip club but also want to look sexy and feminine!

Just be warned that a lot of the bottoms are extra extra cheeky! A lot of the time they’re even thong or Brazilian bottoms. But that leads me to my second favorite place to buy swimsuits…

where to find the best swimsuits for the best prices - every style of bikini and swimsuit you are looking for #swimwear #bikini #swimsuits #beach

2. Amazon – did you know that Amazon sells great swimsuits? Well, you do now! I’ve been buying bikinis from Zaful and if the bottoms are too cheeky, I’ll just get bottoms from Amazon and mix and match. I just bought these black, high-waisted bikini bottoms from Amazon to go with the black bandeau bikini top from Zaful. Make sure you read the reviews and look at any photos in the reviews to make sure the swimsuit is exactly what you’re looking for though.

3. Nordstrom also has some pretty good swimsuits and bikinis but they are a little pricier. If you don’t want to take a chance with the Zaful or Amazon swimsuits then Nordstrom would be a good options as well! Below are some of my favorites from Nordstrom

4. Target swimsuits are also great but they are a little more “conservative” than I like. These would be good for the family beach trips or pool parties where a sexy bikini isn’t the most welcome. I’m always a fan of the sexier, more flattering bikinis because I recently lost some weight and now I want to show off my body (in the appropriate settings), so that’s why I prefer the Zaful swimsuits. But if you are more into the conservative swimsuits, which is great and very responsible of you, then Target is a great option for you! Here are some of my favorite Target bikini finds

So there is my guide for where to find the best swimsuits! Some are sexier, some are pricier and some are more conservative and family-friendly. Whatever your swimsuit style is, I’m sure those four retailers above have what you’re looking for!

Happy swimsuit season! Where is your favorite place to buy swimsuits?!

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