The Best Moving Tips

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Hi friends! I recently helped my mom and step dad move into their new home and it got me thinking about all of my moves in the past (there have been a lot) and the best moving tips that I have learned over the many years and many moves. 

Some background: 

My first move was out of my parent’s house into my college dorm. Halfway through the year I realized my roommate had it out for me and I moved into a different room with a new roommate. Then Sophomore year I moved into my first ever apartment. That rent was too high so I moved into a new apartment my Junior year with four of my girlfriends (five of us total!). That was hectic, so my Senior year I moved into a new apartment with just two other girls. So we are at five moves so far…

After I graduated college, I had to move away from campus because it’s weird not to. So I moved into my 4th apartment, close to my new job. My roommate and I had a falling out so the next year I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend at the time. That boyfriend and I also had a falling out, so I moved into my 6th apartment. Eight moves now…

Well, I was in my 6th apartment for about 9 months when the A/C went out (IN TEXAS!) and it became unbearable and the leasing office wouldn’t fix it. So, obviously I had to break the lease and move out early. So then I moved into my 7th apartment, which was in South Austin five minutes from my office. Well, that company was bought by another company and I lost my job. I got a wild hair, broke my lease after only three months, said goodbye to Austin and moved to Houston. Ten moves now!

A few months into living in Houston and guess what? I fell in love. So after twelve months when my lease was up, my boyfriend asked me to move into his house with him, and of course, I said yes. So that puts me at eleven moves! 

Do you know what I’ve learned from ELEVEN moves in nine years?! SO MUCH. Take a seat, and get ready to take some notes on the best moving tips from the moving queen!

Best Moving Tip #1 – Place your hung-up clothes into trash bags (still on the hangers) so you can easily hang them back up at your new place. I learned this trick in college and it saved me SO much time. I didn’t have to reorganize my closet or put clothes back onto hangers each time, just hang the bags on the rack and slide the bags off the clothes! 

Best Moving Tip # 2 – Separate the heavy items. I know it’s easy to just pack all of your books into the same box, but then trying to pick up a box full of 100 books will be nearly impossible. Same for glass plates. They get pretty heavy. 

Best Moving Tip # 3 – Label the important, “unpack first” boxes. Kitchen utensils, cookware, beauty products, medicine, underwear, etc. You don’t want to hide your bras in a mysterious box somewhere when you have to go to work in the morning. 

Best Moving Tip # 4 – Keep drawer items in the same box. Example, put the contents of your junk drawer into a small box so when you get to your new place, you can just empty the junk drawer stuff into your new junk drawer. One time, I put my junk drawer items into boxes with other stuff. Then when I unpacked, I had no idea what to do with those random items at the bottom of the box so they just sat in my living room for a week until I finally just threw them into a drawer. Same for silverware, dish towels, under-sink cleaning items, bathroom drawers, etc. 

Best Moving Tip # 5 – Don’t procrastinate! It is SO hard to pack everything you own the night before a move. When you find out your move-in date, start packing up boxes full of the stuff you don’t need/don’t use often. So if you’re moving in the summer, go ahead and throw all of your Christmas, Fall, Valentine’s Day stuff into boxes ready to go. If you aren’t showing your current home, start packing up your home decor. Pack up your guest room. Pack up your winter clothes if it’s summer or your summer clothes and swimsuits if it’s winter. They can sit in boxes for a week or two, it’ll be okay. 

Best Moving Tip # 6 – Cut holes or handles into large boxes so it is easier to pick them up. Large boxes should have lightweight stuff in them, but even the large, bulky box itself can be awkward to hold. Cutting little handles out of the side will make it easier to move. 

Best Moving Tip # 7 – Use your t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, towels, linens, throw blankets, etc. to wrap the breakable items. Instead of buying tissue paper or newspaper to wrap your fragile pieces, just use linens that you already own. It all has to get packed anyways, right? 

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Best Moving Tip # 8 – Hire professional movers such as Gameday Moving Services Houston! My first few moves, I did it all by myself or with the help of a boyfriend or parent. It was an all day affair. BUT the first time I hired movers it was a mind-blowing, game-changing, eye-opening experience and I wish I had done it sooner. They moved my entire apartment across town in 2 hours… WHAT!! I was completely moved in, organized, decorated, and making dinner by the evening. The movers made everything SO easy and it was affordable. Not having to carry a couch up three flights of stairs pays for itself. Be sure to check out those labor movers in Houston too if you need extra help! 

Those are my best moving tips, from someone who has A LOT of experience moving! Hope this helps you with your future moving endeavors!

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