The Probiotic That Changed My Life

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I’ve been really into wellness lately. As if you couldn’t tell. I actually bought a (pink) tea kettle so I can brew this Mango Green Tea that the Kardashians drink, I’ve been doing morning meditation with the Insight Timer app, reading The Daily Stoic every morning, drinking lots of water with lemon, and I bought this cute, pink pill organizer to go in my purse. Needless to say, wellness has been on my mind a lot lately. So I wanted to talk about this probiotic that changed my life since I started taking it daily about two months ago. And not only has it changed my life, but it has drastically changed my boyfriend’s life. Like, it’s insane. 

And they’re not paying me to say this or sponsoring this post or anything. I just truly love these probiotics. so. effing. much.

So let’s talk about poop for a second, okay? 

Sorry, I know that’s not really a good topic of discussion but it’s the one certain thing that we all have in common. And before we get started, I want to remind you all that I am not a nurse or a doctor or a nutritionist or in any other kind of medical field. I’m just sharing what works for me (and my boyfriend) and maybe it can help you, too. Or maybe not. But fingers crossed. So let’s go ahead and get the nitty gritty poop talk out of the way first, okay? Let’s go. 

My boyfriend’s stomach is all f*cked up and he constantly has indigestion and heartburn and usually has to sprint to the bathroom at least a few times a day to have some nasty you-know-whats. I know what you’re thinking, Crohn’s Disease. But he blamed his stomach issues on drinking water with too much lime juice all growing up… Who knows. BUT I started giving him some of my probiotics and he’s a whole new person now. 

He now has the stomach of a normal person all from these probiotics. So maybe he should be the one writing about the probiotic that changed my life, haha! But now he can eat red sauce and spicy food and dairy and not have to sprint to the bathroom. Hallelujah. No more indigestion, no more heartburn, no more going to the bathroom 3+ times a day, and no more “unhealthy” poops. He’s seriously a new man and he’s like addicted to these probiotics now. And so am I.

I discovered them from another beauty and wellness blogger and she kept raving about them on her stories so I wanted to give them a try. They’re from Amazon and they’re kind of pricey for probiotics, but mannnnn these babies actually work wonders. You just read about the miracles they performed for my boyfriend, so now let’s get into how they changed my life. Once I finished my first bottle, I tried two other (cheaper) kinds and let me just say that they did NOT compare. The cheapest one I tried had me running to the bathroom 5+ times a day with some nasty you-know-whats. I just want to be regular and not bloated. Not constantly pooping my brains out like I just did a juice cleanse…. And they other kind I tried stopped me up completely and I was constipated for 5 days…. So, there’s that.

The Holy Grail of probiotics that I’m obsessed with are the Silver Fern Ultimate Probiotic. One of the many things they do is restore the balance of bacteria in your gut, which gives you healthy poops and a regular digestive system. It also reduces gas, bloating, and stomach discomfort. I originally started taking these with my anti-bloating regimen but then I started noticing everything else that they were doing for me. 

This probiotic also reduces sugar cravings, boosts your metabolism, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity (hello flu season), improves your mood (literally a happy pill), and helps you feel more satisfied after eating so you don’t get snacky in between meals. 

But wait, there’s more. 

If you take antibiotics, and you have a vagina, you should also be taking probiotics. Usually antibiotics without a probiotic counterpart will give you a yeast infection. I know, that was disgusting, I’m sorry. But I’m just speaking to you like a friend right now. 

While writing this, I currently have a kidney infection and a UTI so I am on some hella antibiotics right now and I can’t think of anything worse than getting a yeast infection on top of all of this. So I’m popping these probiotics like they’re skittles. JK I’m taking the regular dosage, but I’m taking them first thing in the morning before my feet even hit the floor. 

These probiotics also help you absorb more nutrition from food and they can also help with stress, anxiety, and depression. They’re seriously a miracle pill. I’ve personally noticed increased energy and not feeling like I need a nap after eating a meal. They have also helped with my number two’s and making me more regular. I used to go a few days without going number two and I would get super bloated and my stomach hurt and I would have stinky toots (so embarrassed saying that out loud OMG). But now I go regularly once or twice a day and they’re super healthy number two’s and no more stinky toots or bloating. 

So for real, this probiotic changed my life and also my boyfriend’s life. I actually have this probiotic on subscription and get it automatically delivered each month because I don’t think my boyfriend could live without it now honestly.

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